Tellason Stock- Coverall Jacket

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The Tellason Stock Coverall Jacket is made in San Francisco, California from 14 oz. non-selvedge sanforized Cone Mills denim.  Several utility pockets with right side interior pocket.  Extra rivet used to fortify newspaper pocket stress point. 


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    Coverall Jacket

    Posted by Robert LaBlanc on 8th Dec 2019

    Absolutely love this piece. The denim is great and feels old school. I anticipate many years of use and pleasure from the jacket.

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    Add this to your closet

    Posted by carlo francisco on 29th Nov 2019

    A different looking piece compared to the normal everyday type 3 jacket. The fit is really nice and the esthetics make this denim jacket stand out to me among the tons out there. Craftsmanship is solid, cut and sewn in the U.S. make this a no brainer purchase. the jacket already seems like it has broken is a bit with only a few wears. Can't wait to see how it will turn out as time goes on . Highly recommend if your in the market for something similar.

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    Posted by lee on 13th Jul 2019

    First of all i’ve been wanting this style of jacket for a long time I’ve got to say it’s absolutely amazing loving it The quality is great the service was outstanding thank you

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    Posted by on 18th Apr 2019

    Loving the quality and look of this jacket, and I’m confident it will withstand the test of time. Build quality is rock solid, fabric material as well. The seam down the middle of the lower right pocket prohibits use for objects like a wallet or phone, and doesn’t feel as practical as I imagine it was intended to, but there’s plenty of space for wallets and phones elsewhere. Inside pocket could be a bit wider. Newspaper pocket is quite deep and great for large items. Love Tellason and will be a return customer.

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    Best denim jacket I have owned.

    Posted by Adam Backus on 1st Apr 2019

    I have had this Coverall for almost a year now and its been amazing for wearing to work and the gym. The pocket space is perfect. The design is great from a piratical standpoint as well as aesthetic. I get a LOT of complements on how it looks. "oh wow! that is a really cool looking denim jacket." is a common compliment I hear while wearing this.
    I highly recommend this, and thank you Tellason for this excellent product!

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    real US jacket

    Posted by Oleg on 28th May 2018

    Thx for the great jacket from USA! Great White Oak denim and really good design!!!!

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    love this jacket!!

    Posted by Ryu on 11th Apr 2018

    I was looking for a good chore coat for couple of days online and found this company.
    that time my size(small) was out of stock,so i put my e-mail address to get notice when they're back in stock.
    No e-mail came but it was in stock when I checked their website about a week later...

    Jacket is very well made,sizing is perfect,nice color!!
    this is what I wanted!!
    now I'm thinking to get tellason stock jeans too:D

    oh,and loved that they wrote thank you note on back of product tag.
    Thank you so much guy!!

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    My best denim jacket!

    Posted by HAOYU ZHU on 6th Mar 2018

    This is my frist raw denim jacket. The fabric of this jacket comes from cone mills. I know is a best factory in the world. The jacket's line is very neat, but the version is a feature of the jacket. so I like it.

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    The denim jacket I have been searching for!

    Posted by Danny D on 24th Feb 2018

    Finding the right denim jacket has been a challenge of mine for a number of years. It's not because i have a freakish body shape or because there are not enough denim jackets out there. It's because it is hard to find a jacket that ticks so many boxes in my opinion. This Tellason Coverall Jacket does that! It was my first Tellason purchase and will not be my last!
    Tick 1 - The jackets are made in the USA. Japanese denim is great and Italian denim also good, but to find an American made denim jacket using American denim is very difficult. I am nostalgic and there is something romantic about buying a product that was made the same way in that country of origin for decades. In this globalised world, i think it's fantastic for companies to continue to produce heritage products. Buying a Ferrari made anywhere other than Italy would not pass the test. And this i believe is the same for apparel, especially with long-standing traditions and heritage such as denim.
    Tick 2 - The denim used is from the Cone Mills White Oak plant in NC. Buying this denim is buying a piece of history. Japanese denim is great and well graded but nothing can be quite as special as denim coming from the last US based denim mill. It's a sad to see but one day there may be a renaissance.
    Tick 3 - The fit is fantastic. I purchased a medium and the cut is great. The sleeve heads are nice and fitted into the arm pits to give a slim silhouette and the body is really well cut. It's fitted enough to have a modern feel but still maintains a traditional denim jacket fit. The balance is great. A lot of jackets either feel like a sack on or some of the denim brands make their denim jackets too fitted. There is nothing inbetween. I was also worried about the pockets on the jacket and how it might look too bulky and busy, but it does not at all. They have done great job to keep the silhouette. The fit is really well executed!
    Tick 4 - The price is amazing. I don't think there is a jacket on the market with the same quality for this price. Tellason have done a great job to produce a jacket like this at a very reasonable price. You're paying for quality and that's exactly what you are getting.
    I think this jacket is great for someone who wants something slightly unique, appreciates quality and is happy to pay a bit more for a product that is a little piece of American denim heritage!