Clampdown - Japanese Selvedge Striped Shirt #3

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Our classic Clampdown shirt cut in 4.5 oz. blue and white striped Japanese selvedge fabric. Cut and sewn in San Francisco. Pre-cold water wash and air dry measurements here. Cut and sewn in San Francisco, Calif.  

A note from Tony & Pete...

We are constantly on the lookout for awesome fabrics to make shirts with integrity, shirts that will last, shirts that won't go out of style anytime soon. Our "Clampdown" Japanese striped shirt pays a bit of homage to the classic railroad stripe fabric that has been around for one hundred years. If I remember correctly, I had pants made with similar fabric as a boy, back when hippies took control of the fashion landscape in the 70's. I am certain that when my mom showed up with these, like any new pants coming my way, I hustled outside, dragged myself down the sidewalk on my knees until some proper hippie holes made their way to my new pants. Not a good idea when you have a single mom out there doing her best to provide for her two kids. Somehow, she put up with it and sewed them up with a cool patch from Valvoline or some other motor sport company and sent me back outside to bother my older sister.

I digress. Back to this Clampdown shirt of ours...

I suppose good childhood memories pave the way for big and small decisions in your personal and professional life. For us, tapping into old memories on any given day, helps us define our Tellason brand. In the end, honesty and authenticity are two of our biggest I-beams that support our every move...


Tony Patella
Pete Searson