Ripstop Cotton Cutoff Shorts- Black

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100% cotton 9.5 oz. ripstop fabric.  10.5" inseam. Cutoff finish with single needle stitch to prevent excessive fraying.  Made in the U.S.A. with American made fabric.  Rinse washed.  Fit Guide



If we had shorts on as a kid, it was 100% weather related and the shorts we wore were once pants. Mom had some scissors in the junk drawer and when the time came for an old pair of pants, we would hand them over and she would make the cut just above the hole in the knee.

We take this memory into our summertime offerings by making a short with a cutoff finish. We added a single needle stitch just above the bottom so the fringe does not get squirrely on you. We also added a short with a shorter inseam (7.5") in case you have been paying your dues at the squat rack and want to flex that quad program of yours.

Tony found some U.S. made, cotton ripstop, and a perfectly weighted camo (also made in the U.S.) that have both been laundered for a bit of softness.

These are all fresh out of the box so grab some while the weather’s hot.

Best to you from HQ,

Tony Patella
Pete Searson