Topper Camo Ripstop Shirt

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Our Topper shirt made with a 7.5 oz. Japanese camo 100% ripstop.  Cut and sewn in San Francisco, CA.



My mom taught herself how to sew when she was in high school and growing up, she took my sister and me to the fabric shop where she bought her patterns, supplies, and various fabrics.

She got right to work making halter dresses for my sister. I was in charge of cutting the fabric that laid under the paper pattern using these fantastic electric scissors that went 100 mph. It was a thrill for me and my picky sister seemed to enjoy her creations so they must have been cool, even for a 14 year old bird in 1977.

I bring this random story up since it was my mom that took the time to make some amazing gear for my G.I. Joe back then - sleeping bags, tents, parachutes. While the other neighborhood kids showed up with their gear, I rolled in with all this custom stuff, plus, a fresh doll with the Kung Fu grip.

For those reading this who are not old enough to know what this is all about, believe me when I say this version of the G.I. Joe was the North Star. They should have stopped production on any future dolls since the Zenith had been reached with this one...

Thanks to my mom for making things happen back then and letting me pick out some cool camo fabric for a G.I. Joe sleeping bag back in the day. It started my love for military supplies that were made to last.

Here I am now as a 57 year old dude writing to you, with a heart felt announcement about our new camo Topper shirt.


Tony Patella
Pete Searson


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    Topper Camo Ripstop Short

    Posted by Michael Sinclair on 6th Aug 2022

    Bought this several weeks ago and enjoying immensely. I have pairs of jeans and many shirts from Tellason. Quality and craftsmanship are incredible and the clothing gets better the more I wear them.