Women's Garment Dyed Coverall Jacket (Green)

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13 oz. U.S. made bull denim.  Several utility pockets with right side interior pocket. Garment dyed in Marin Co. CA.   Extra rivet used to fortify newspaper pocket stress point. Made in San Francisco, Calif. USA.  Fit Guide

Model is 5'8" and wearing size M.



Our coverall jackets hit a good nerve in the world of functional outerwear. Lots of pockets. One deeeep one on the left side that holds a bottle of wine or hammer equally. A fit that is neither too slim nor too boxy. We ship them out and they rarely come back.

These dyed coverall jackets take some time to make and we just received a fresh batch of them, including a run we cut for the ladies who already know about this jacket and its usefulness.

Want to swap out your couples' matching tracksuit and roll out there in matching coverall jackets? I back that, being a tracksuit owner myself.

With that, enjoy your new jacket.

Best from HQ,

Tony Patella
Pete Searson