Sheffield - Straight Tapered Selvedge Jeans - 16.5 oz.

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The Sheffield was taken from our Ankara Straight Leg fit, and tapered from the knee down by 2 inches at the leg opening. Current stock is either Cone Mills White Oak or proprietary Kaihara Japanese red line raw selvage denim (sanforized). Button fly. Extra heavy pocket bags. Bottom of back pockets lined for durability. Leather patch by Tanner Goods, Portland, OR. Graduated inseams from 35.75" to 36.5". If you require a hem, please contact us directly after receiving your jeans.  Made in San Francisco, Calif. USA

Body Type:
Athletic, Husky
Denim Weight:
Leg Opening:
Straight Tapered Leg


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    Incredible denim

    Posted by Adam on 2nd Oct 2017

    Honestly, these jeans are incredible. I was impressed from the moment I opened the package. I then became ecstatic with how well they fit. Now this is a big deal to me because other raw denim I've tried would barely fit over my calf due to an insane taper or a seemingly unnatural fit.

    These jeans are true to size of my waist. All you have to decide is how tapered do you want them to be. I also think their sizing diagram really cuts down on the nonsense I've found from other raw denim brands.

    Seems to be the best way to put it. Tellason cuts out the headache in more ways than one. Correct sizing, simple taper selection, free shipping and returns. What more could you ask for?

    Money well spent. I intend to buy more from this company.

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    Best fit, and best Denim

    Posted by Jonas Rake on 18th Sep 2017

    I just bought my second pair of Sheffields because the first pair I bought were basically the best jeans I've ever owned. The way they fit, and the quality of construction leaves nothing to be desired. I usually don't like to spend a lot of money on jeans, but for these I make an exception because I know they are worth it as they last a long time if well taken care of. I highly recommend this jean, especially to people who may have a hard time fitting into all the skinny jeans that everyone else is making. (I'm a cyclist, so my legs are not as big as my arms). Thanks Tellason for making real jeans for real people, that are frankly just badass.

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    Simply the best jeans in the world

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Sep 2016

    Bought an (equally amazing) pair of the John Graham Mellor's and basically had to come back for these. Fantastically made and great to wear.

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    a work of art

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Aug 2016

    new to the philosophy of employing high end jeans. i did a tremendous amount of research before deciding where to spend my hard earned cash. one major qualification was that i wanted a product that was truly 100% made in the USA. another was that it would fit a man my size. so many companies don't make top shelf jeans for a man with a 40 inch waist. Have they looked around at the people in this country? OK i get it they want people who are sexy to wear their product, i'm 6'3 240lbs & lift weights on the regular. i last fit into a 32 when i was in 4th grade. love these jeans because they are tough, crafted as if they were a labor of love, or the love an artist has for a work.

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    Quality Denim

    Posted by Christopher McConnell on 7th May 2016

    The quality of materials and workmanship stands out , miles ahead of any other denim I've owned before. The style and cut is perfect. If somethings worth doing, it's worth doing well. That's what Tellason have done.

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    My new daily denim

    Posted by Andre B. on 27th Mar 2016

    Got a new pair of Sheffields a few weeks ago. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep these. When I got them they felt really heavy and stiff. I told myself to give them and chance and see how they break in. After wearing these for roughly 10 days straight... I fell in love. I'm definitely a huge fan of not only this denim, but also the brand. Tellason just gained a new fan and supporter!

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    5th pair with more to come

    Posted by gary on 14th Jan 2016

    Bought my first pair (Sheffields) all at 2 years ago and they have developed beautifully. I've since bought other styles but just bought two Sheffields to wear to work. Saving my pennies for the great Italian coat. Keep up the good work

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    The best

    Posted by mg on 23rd Feb 2015

    The best made jeans, bar none. Outstanding customer service, but more importantly, an extraordinary product made in the birthplace of jeans.

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    Well constructed, lovely fabric, vanity sized

    Posted by WMdeR on 5th Jan 2015

    I ordered 32" Sheffield jeans in 16.5 ounce fabric.

    The fabric is lovely, with a light hand for its weight. It is dense, deeply dyed with a slight grey cast to the indigo, and surprisingly soft.

    The fit is generous to loose in the box and upper thigh, with medium rise, not much taper, a full thigh, and a relatively low crotch. These fit my cyclist's legs well. However, I ordered true to size, and the waist is loose enough that I should have ordered down a size (or two). The fabric shrank less than predicted, and they hang a bit on me as a result. Note that Tellason will exchange unworn jeans only, a completely reasonable policy. They don't include detailed fit information on their website.

    A full fit chart, including the pattern waist size, front/rear rise, and thigh/knee/opening measurements on the website would be quite helpful, rather than just a nominal size.

    Stitching was tight, straight, and even. The inner seam is not lap-felled, the rear pockets don't have hidden rivets, and the belt loops aren't secured under the waistband, all small details I'd expect at this price point. In addition, the belt loops are fraying at the (unsinged, unfinished) ends, which exposes undyed cotton when washed, an annoyance.

    Overall, they're good jeans. I'd size down if I were to buy another pair, and a detailed fit chart would have eliminated my main issue with these pants.

    Best Regards,