Mid-Rise slim Straight (Blubaugh)

Mid-Rise slim Straight (Blubaugh)

Sometimes I say things like, "gotta be from France" if I see a clip of a guy from 1979 shredding on a mono ski, looking fabulous in the Cariboos while making powder turns look easy.

The same could be said about Dutch dudes and denim. When we first got things clicking at Tellason, we had a few stacks of jeans at Tenue de NÎmes in Amsterdam. They knew their stuff and took us in as a new brand from California who really gave a damn. Tony saw them a year later in NYC and was stoked to have one of the lads wearing our jeans, beat down and… tapered?

Back then, we had our John Graham Mellor as our only pride and joy. Apparently, many of these Dutch guys were buying our slim straight leg JGM's and whipping on over to their tailor to get them pegged (tapered). That was plenty for us to gnaw on to add an additional fit, this time with a tapered leg. Our pattern lady went to work and ding dong, the Ladbroke Grove was born. This slim-fit beauty still holds water and is always a top seller for us, year after year.

We are gassed up with our 14.75 oz. selvedge and ready to offer this as our "Item of The Week". Yours with a 20% discount for the next 7 days.

Thanks to all of you for making Tellason tick!

Tony Patella
Pete Searson


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