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Tellason Stock

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We realize that not everyone cares about vintage shuttle looms and selvedge denim. We would like to think that most men do care about the country of origin and provenance of materials when it comes to blue jeans. To that end, we are offering Tellason Stock -- two fits, slim tapered and straight leg -- made in San Francisco, California with 14 oz. denim from the historic Cone Mills White Oak plant in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The difference between Tellason and Tellason Stock is the fact that our Tellason Stock fabric is made on a modern machine rather than the old Draper shuttle looms humming in the Cone Mills White Oak plant. Simply put, this beautiful fabric we use for Tellason Stock cost less than our customized selvedge fabrics, and it is our intention to pass the savings on to our customers. 

Tellason Stock comes in two fits:

1. Slim Tapered
2. Straight Leg

  • Tellason Stock- Slim Tapered Fit
  • Tellason Stock- Straight Leg Fit