Crotch Blowout

What is a crotch blowout?

A crotch blowout is a rip, tear or hole in the crotch area of your jeans, due to the amount of friction and tension that the fabric endures.

What causes crotch blowouts?

There are three major factors that can cause a crotch blowout:

  1. Size & fit 
    Buying jeans that are too tight can cause more tension in the fabric and will increase the likelihood of a blowout. The crotch area of your jeans is the part that goes through the most strain, so having a tighter fit can push the stretch of the fabric to its limit.

  2. Washing habits 
    Although washing your jeans regularly is not recommended (especially for raw denim), not washing your jeans enough will cause dirt and bacteria to build up and can ultimately loosen the fabric of your jeans making them more prone to a crotch blowout.

  3. Day to day activities
    Strenuous activities that involve continuous and large movement from your legs will increase the amount of tension in the crotch area of your jeans, making it more susceptible to a crotch blowout. The most common example of this kind of activity would be cycling. If you plan on wearing your denim while cycling on a regular basis, consider choosing a looser fit jean.