Hemming & Repairs

Hemming for Tellason® and Tellason Stock® Jeans

*** If your jeans are not brand new, they must be washed before sending in for hemming.  Unwashed worn jeans will not be worked on.

Once you have tried on* your Tellason® selvedge jeans to verify the fit (whether purchased on our website or elsewhere), please click here for information on our complimentary chain stitch hemming service. 

Tellason Stock® hemming information here

*Jeans hemmed in advance of shipping cannot be exchanged or returned.


Repairs (and other denim tailoring)

Our factory only does chain stitch hemming, for repairs and other denim tailoring we're big fans of Indigo Proof in Portland, Oregon  |  Brooklyn Denim Co. in Brooklyn, New York  |  Salvage Studio in San Francisco, California  |  Science & Kindness in St. Paul, Minnesota.