Slim Tapered + (Gustave)

Slim Tapered + (Gustave)

I have worn our Sheffield jean a few times over the years and putting it back on today, reminded me why I chose it in the first place. In go the legs, button those buttons and once the top button is secured, have a look and feel how this jean goes for you.

We all have xyz boxes to check so no jean will have it all, but my $ says this one will check a few of yours.

This mid-rise jean is a smidge wider in the leg than some of our other slimmer jeans but by no means is it a baggy jean. It tapers in from the knee down about an inch, compared to our Ankara jean.

This week, we are stocked up and want to offer this to you in our 12.5 oz selvedge denim as our "Item of the Week" Yours with a 20% discount for the next 7 days.


Tony Patella
Pete Searson


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