Raw Denim Shirts

Raw Denim Shirts

Having just returned last night from dropping off my kid at Pratt, in Brooklyn, for a summer art program, I truly see the value of a lightweight short sleeve shirt. I packed my 16.5 oz Ankara jeans, some tees and a long sleeve shirt, thinking that it would be nice to keep the sun off my arms. Dang, I pretty much soaked through said garments while the locals in their summer gear ran around town a little less gamey.

Now that the lesson is learned, here we are in mid-July ready to get our 3 short sleeve shirts out the door. These are a perfect lightweight, Japanese made fabric, with a single chest pocket.

Cut and sewn in SF and ready for your consumption as our latest "Item of the Week". Yours for the next 7 days with a 20% discount.

Stay cool out there,

Tony Patella
Pete Searson

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(sale ends Friday, July 19th @11:59pm)

Watch our video featuring Pete and our Items of the Week. Pete is 6’4”, 185lbs, and wearing a size Large.