Raw Denim

What is raw denim?

Raw denim, also known as “dry denim,” is denim in its purest form.

After the weaving process, raw denim remains untouched and is not washed or chemically treated. It is common for raw denim to be made from 100% cotton although this is not a defining attribute. The weight and thickness also vary depending on the manufacturer. 

Raw denim vs. washed denim

It is estimated that 90+% of all denim jeans sold are washed (manipulated with water, chemicals and machinery) rather than left raw. Despite the large percentage of washed denim being sold, it does not have the same quality and value as raw denim.

Not only does raw denim last longer, it is more eco and labor friendly due to the lack of chemicals and water used in the manufacturing process. Raw denim is also perfect for those seeking a customized look, as the fading process is natural, authentic and personalized.