Jean Jacket - Selvedge Denim - 16.5 oz. with Blanket Lining

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16.5 oz. blanket lined selvedge jean jacket.  A bit about the lining-  8.5 oz. 71% Seawool (oyster shells & recycled PET bottles) / 19% poly / 10% rayon.  Quilted nylon sleeves. Made in San Francisco, California.


Well, here we are. On the front door of Winter. Cold enough to walk outside and slide down down the street on a snowy jog? No problem, just watch out for that head snap on the way down and let this jacket absorb most of the carnage.

Mine is about 7 years old and gets more use than anything else in my closet. It is built to last so wear the hell out of it and try not to leave it under a pile of laundry like I did a few years ago. It will save you a night out driving around town rubbernecking about wondering where the devil you left it last.

Stay warm out there,

Tony Patella
Pete Searson


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    Top Notch

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Jul 2022

    Hands down the best jacket I’ve owned and can’t wait to more awesome stuff. Customer for life!

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    My New Favorite Jacket

    Posted by Malachi on 20th Feb 2022

    I’ve had this jacket for a few weeks now and it’s quickly become one of my favorite things in my closet. This is only my second purchase from Tellason and both times Tony & Pete have made sure to give me a personalized service experience and delivered on exceptionally well made goods. It has been a long time searching for a well made selvedge type III jacket that fits me. Most of the Japanese brands that I love just don’t make a jacket with a chest that fits. I had pretty much decided the only way I’d get the jacket I wanted with the level of craftsmanship I was looking for was to have it custom made. I decided to roll the dice on this jacket because of how well made the clampdown shirt was that I had ordered previously and all I can say is Pete & Tony did not disappoint! First and foremost, it fits and fits well. I have a 55” chest and I can tell you, if you’re a larger build, athletic or otherwise and you have a big chest, or big arms, this jacket is the one. Just buy it now. This jacket has a traditional, no frills aesthetic, uses only the finest materials available (the Kaihara denim feels heavier than 16.5 oz and feels like it’s ready for decades of abuse) and has the rock solid construction that Tellason is known for. I’ve worn this jacket in super windy conditions and between the tight weave of the denim and the Japanese blanket lining this thing is pretty much wind proof. My only gripe, if I could even have one, is that I wish the sleeves were about 1-2 inches longer on the XXXL. That said; the cuffs on the sleeves do hang right at wrist level. Tony & Pete, if you’re reading this, thank you for my new favorite jacket! You guys outdid yourselves on this one. PS: Please make the Sheffield in a size 42. :)

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    The real deal

    Posted by Matt on 14th Feb 2022

    Fair dinkum, this jacket is brilliant. The fit, style, quality of materials, absolutely spot on. Looking forward to a life long journey with this one. Very efficient shipping to Sydney too. You guys are all over it. Thank you!

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    Jean jacket

    Posted by jimmy spain on 13th Feb 2022

    Best selvedge lined jacked out there worth every penny. Thanks!

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    Top notch jacket

    Posted by Gabe on 13th Feb 2022

    Runs a little smaller than other Tellason tops I own, but still fits me great. Quality is exceptionally high. The quilted arms are very nice, and the jacket stays warm even in bitterly cold conditions when layered properly.

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    This will be fun breaking in. Warm for a denim jacket! Love it!

    Posted by Michael Evan Phillips on 13th Feb 2022

    I can’t wait for this to be as comfortable as an old t-shirt.

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    Just like the brochure!

    Posted by V.K. on 7th Feb 2022

    Haven't owned a jean jacket in ages. I always wanted to get another one, just had to find the right one. I think this is it. The fit, the feel, & the lining are awesome. I think the sleeves could be a tad longer, but that's only because I have long arms--that's my cross to bear.

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    Blanket-lined jean jacket

    Posted by Russ Foster on 30th Jan 2022

    I ordered the blanket-lined jean jacket for a birthday gift to myself. I’m happy with the purchase and appreciated the quick reply to my sizing inquiry. My only disappointment is discovering the jacket went on sale one week after I received it. I look forward to the breaking-in process.

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    Jean Jacket

    Posted by Christoph on 26th Jan 2022

    I am looking forward to wear it. Need to wait until the temperatures rise, cause in nothern Bavaria its too cold during winter time for a jacket like this. But when spring is near, it will do the job. It fits perfectly and makes a really great impression at first sight. And i am pretty sure it will remain that way. Love it!