1988 Linen / Cotton Shirt

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Our 1988 two pocket shirt made with a 55% cotton / 45% linen Japanese made fabric.  Cut and sewn in San Francisco. This shirt runs a bit big (the linen/cotton shrinks more than other fabrics) Fit Guide


All of us have a favorite this, that or the other. I have my old denim jacket with a hand painted lightning bolt from my then 5th grade daughter. Tony has an old shirt of ours from 8 years ago that he would say is his favorite. I know it is since he wears the thing a couple of times every week, just like I wear that jacket of mine.

It is an easy reach in the morning when it is time to get dressed and that is a bit of our raison d'être so to speak - make things that last and that you reach for without even knowing why in that morning hustle we all share.

Now, that fabric in Tony's old shirt is the real kicker here. Made in Japan with a cotton / linen blend, and a nice shade of deep indigo. These shirt fabrics come and go and through a deep dive looking for the next run of shirts to make, Tony found some out in the wild. We gobbled it up and sent it off to be cut and sewn. This time, we made it in our 1988 body style, which is a classic men's shirt with two chest pockets and a wee pencil holder sewn into one of them.

This is fraiche out of the box and ready to ship so enjoy this fine shirt.

All the best,

Tony Patella
Pete Searson


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    Posted by Tom on 5th Jun 2024

    The 1988 cut is my favorite and this one is exceptionally nice. Hefty but not too much and nicely airy. For European standards sizing is on the larger end. Love it!

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    1988 shirt

    Posted by chris on 2nd Apr 2024

    fit and fabric are great. It's lighter in color than the web images appear. I feel like the collar is a little too large - almost giving me disco vibes - but not enough to keep me from wearing the shirt. I hanev't had it long, but I can tell this shirt will only get better as it ages and softens up.

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    It feels good to look good!

    Posted by Chris A on 26th Feb 2024

    I have multiple Tellason shirts. They all look and feel amazing. There's definitely a difference in the material quality between these shirts and other brands.

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    I Had No Plans to Buy This Shirt, But I Love It

    Posted by Robert Rivera on 20th Feb 2024

    I love Tellason. I've been buying from them since late 2022, have a couple pair of jeans and some tops/jackets. When I first saw this shirt, I certainly thought it was a departure from their other clothes, especially since it was linen/cotton. My only experience with these materials were a couple of cheap Uniqlo shirts I bought a while back. Fast forward months later, I actually found size large in Tellason's Crapshoot clothing. Decided to drop $65 + shipping and was surprised to find this shirt! I've never been a fan of grey that much, but I actually like the color on this. I will say it looks closer to the second picture they show, whereas the first one looks much darker than it is. I actually prefer this, I don't like dark grey. Anyway this shirt is built to Tellason standards: meant to last a lifetime! It certainly is lighter and more breathable than other shirts I own. In fact, if you hold it up to some light, you can see through it! But make no mistake: this shirt is durable! Interestingly, it is almost identical to their Topper shirt, but this shirt does not have the two buttons at the cuff; it has one at the cuff and one at the wrist/forearm. Even though this was a crapshoot supply and a shirt I did not expect to get, I can't wait to use it during Spring/Summer/Fall. For sizing reference: I'm 5'8. about 170 pounds, and have a 40 inch chest. The Large is just a bit long for me and only a bit relaxed in the body, but I like the look. I don't want anything hugging me. It fits great at the shoulders too and really complements them. Another great buy from Tellason! If you're considering getting this, just keep in mind it is certainly better for warmer weather. Cheers!

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    Great fit and high quality

    Posted by Scuba on 22nd Jan 2024

    I have to admit I usually don't spend this kind of money on a shirt but I've heard so much good things about Tellason. I am 5-11 and 205 with a pretty big chest and arms and the large was a perfect fit. The quality is phenomenal and it just feels like the kind of shirt you'll have for the rest of your life. It even came with a thank you note and a pencil in the pocket. I'll be buying plenty more from Tony and Pete.

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    Linen/Cotton Shirt

    Posted by Christopher F on 18th Jan 2024

    Honestly, a linen shirt is not my usual go-to for any garment or material. The inevitable creases frustrate me. With this said, a linen shirt is not usual staple. I was intrigued by Tellason's take as well as the cotton blend. Three weeks into owning their linen/cotton shirt, I've worn it 6-8 times and washed the garment twice. I recommend washing the shirt the moment it arrives - opening up the fabric. I am 5' 11", and 160lbs. The medium size is just right. What stands out about this shirt is that added cotton, which gives the shirt a bit of stiff heft. Some inevitable crease that one expects from linen - but less obvious. Essentially this is a sturdy shirt. The details and cut are beautifully considered: two buttons on the cuff (make for great rolling of the sleeves), the asymetric pockets make this look more bespoke; and generous collars give the shirt a timeless quality. I was a skeptic where linen shirts are concerned. Tellason - once again - exceeded any and all expectations.

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    Posted by Gustaf Wigerblad on 17th Jan 2024

    Excellent fabric and fit!

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    Posted by Isaac on 16th Jan 2024

    Really love the fabric and feel of this shirt. The linen/cotton blend hits a great balance, great smooth feel and the cut is perfect. I'm expecting some shrink but that will work for me when it inevitably happens. Color is a dark greyish black. If I had any feedback on the design it'd be to add an oxford collar.

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    Another Winner

    Posted by Larry on 16th Jan 2024

    Great fabric, great construction, and a soft hand out the box make this a winner.