Coverall Jacket - Garment Dyed International Orange

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13 oz. U.S. made bull denim.  Several utility pockets with right side interior pocket. Garment dyed in Marin Co. CA.   Extra rivet used to fortify newspaper pocket stress point. Made in San Francisco, Calif. USA.  Fit Guide





I woke up this morning knowing I was going to write about this International Orange Coverall Jacket today. The first thing I thought of is that old notion of "nothing rhymes with orange". I thought for a moment and I think this is correct. You can bend some words to force the rhyme but really- let's move on...

After over 30 years in the Bay Area, driving across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge never gets old. From Marin, look left and see one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Look right, next stop is Japan. Everyone around here has their own reason to love the GGB. For me personally, it is the first moment I get to interpret what kind of day surfing I will have at Ocean Beach. Towards the toll gate, the flags whip and when they are pointed out to sea, I know it will be offshore and pumping. Pointed towards Alcatraz, best just turn around and go home.

We dug around and found the Pantone color for this architectural beauty and dyed our coverall jacket the exact color up in Novato. In life, it feels good to surround yourself with things that give you a good memory or two and hopefully this jacket helps tell your own story of a visit to our city, or maybe, like Tony and I, you just like this color that happens to rhyme with nothing!


Tony Patella
Pete Searson


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    Just Buy It—Best Chore Coat

    Posted by Renny on 27th Feb 2023

    Maybe it’s the Bay Arean in me, but I love this jacket, chore coat—whatever you wanna call it—unconditionally. Fell in love with it with just how it looks and how many pockets it has, but then when I read about it’s connection to the Golden Gate Bridge via International Orange, I went, “Oh yeah, I need this.” Then I got it and got a handwritten thank you note and a pencil and went, “Oh sweet.” Then I felt the quality of the fabric and actually shoved things in the pockets and built some wood projects with it, travelled with it, and donned it on in ‘California cold’ weather with just a shirt under and European freeze weather with a few layers under and realized its the perfect amount of fit that allows casual chore coat and a weather resistant bundled coat and can say this: “Damn I love this thing.” If you’re on the fence, fall on the side that urges you to buy this coverall jacket.

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    very nice with some pocket oddness

    Posted by sam on 22nd Feb 2023

    the color is wonderful and the bull denim has a really nice feel. seems to fit very true to size. even ignoring the map pocket (which looks good but probably won’t get a lot of use), I think the pocket sizing is a bit off. interior chest pocket is very small (can’t hold an iphone mini, much more suited to airpods or something similar). the right chest pocket is too short to hold an iphone mini either and is just barely a bit too small to hold a passport (you can make it work with effort, but then the passport interferes with the shank button when un-buttoning). the stitch dividing the bottom right pocket is a bit odd, but at least that’s something that is easily solved. so it looks great, feels great to wear, but the function of the pockets feels slightly more about aesthetics rather than real utility. still recommended.

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    This is it. The last denim jacket I'll buy. Until the next best Tellason offering

    Posted by Andy on 13th Feb 2023

    I'm 5'6", 150# and a thicker barrel chest/lat sizing. I ordered a small. It fits over a button up and undershirt perfectly. The shoulder seams line up with my shoulder points. Chest buttons close exactly how I want them to. Arm length is good. A little tight to button at the wrist that may have a watch on it. Overall 7/5 stars. The color is reminiscent of the Mercurochrome my dad used to put on my cuts. Awesome.

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    High Quality, Great fit

    Posted by Joseph on 7th Feb 2023

    Amazing quality and a beautifully bold color! I am excited to see how this ages. I'm 5'-11" 130# and a small fit perfectly with some room for a sweater underneath. I find the cuffs to be a bit tight, but easy to unbutton.

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    International Orange Coverall Jacket

    Posted by Jason on 16th Jan 2023

    This has quickly become my favorite chore coat, the color is so rich but not overbearing, the pockets are ridiculous, I'm putting things in them just to see what fits. turns out a lot fits (you can hold 2 oranges, a banana or sausage, a couple packs of Pocky sticks, and a whole entire baguette all at once). The fit of the jacket is also miraculous, it hits me at all the right places (i have an odd body type so this is rare). Get lots of compliments, oh and that pencil in the pocket in the photo? He was included when it arrived. No false advertising here! Seriously though, along with the handwritten note its a very classy touch that I appreciated a lot. Get you one, its really unique. Thanks Pete!

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    Orange is the New Jacket

    Posted by Cherokee Bux on 1st Jan 2023

    Awesome Jacket here, with a military fitted, minimalist fit. The burnt Orange matches the SF Golden Gate Bridge, the color stands out with out being a loud or bright orange. I'm 6'2 195lbs, and the size Large is a very comfortable fit. The pockets are cool!! I highly recommend it.

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    Great Jacket

    Posted by Joshua T on 4th Dec 2022

    I don’t normally review stuff but I had to when asked if I would for this. I bought a large so that I could wear a sweatshirt underneath, it fit very well and is very comfortable (I am medium build and 5’8” in case that helps anyone) The jacket is very well made and I liked some of the details very much such as supporting the pocket rivets with a leather “washer” (for lack of a better word), though I wonder why this technique was not used on the main clasping buttons as well. My only critique would be that the interior pocket on the right side is a bit too small to be used for a wallet or phone, but the other pockets are very cool. I liked this jacket so much I’ve since bought a denim one and wanted to get the suede one tho it has very limited sizing available. This has very quickly become my favorite jacket TLDR: if you’re on the fence, just buy this jacket, it’s very comfortable, a great cut, and well made

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    Posted by Miles on 4th Dec 2022

    Wearing it now. Love this jacket. The pockets are perfect.

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    International Orange Perfection

    Posted by Joey on 4th Dec 2022

    Dammit, I love this garment. I get compliments every single time I wear It. I want It in every color, but this International Orange one is TOP TIER. More red than’s perfect.