Coverall Jacket - Garment Dyed International Orange

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13 oz. U.S. made bull denim.  Several utility pockets with right side interior pocket. Garment dyed in Marin Co. CA.   Extra rivet used to fortify newspaper pocket stress point. Made in San Francisco, Calif. USA.  Fit Guide



We love our Golden Gate Bridge. I wonder if we would feel the same if it were painted purple or beige.

Not sure about that, but thankfully, the architect, Joseph Strauss, selected "Int'l Orange" and the rest is history.

This takes us to our easy decision to take our coverall jacket a step beyond the usual denim jacket. The fabric is still denim but we buy it in a natural color that takes a dye well. We cut and sew them in SF, then haul them 20 miles north for dyeing, then back to SF for some vigorous steaming and hardware installation. Finally, they make it to our studio and we ship them all around the world.

Enjoy and thanks for your continued support,

Tony Patella
Pete Searson


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    High quality jacket

    Posted by AAQ on 23rd Jul 2023

    Love the color and quality. Very San Francisco. Great job

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    Coverall jacket b b

    Posted by Pat O on 22nd Jul 2023

    Great light jacket for cooler evenings or to layer up with. The color is outstanding. Depending on the light, it's anywhere from a burnt orange to more of a rust color. I'm 6'1" about 230 lbs and an XL fit perfectl. I had to return the XXL I bought an the customer service is outstanding. Love this brand!

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    Wonderful product

    Posted by John Ian Gregson on 20th Jul 2023

    I have the denim bersion of this coat and wanted International Red to give a bit of variety. The fit is great and the quality is wonderful. The design details are great and there’s nothing else out there quite like it. I love what Tellason does. Wonderful.

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    Best Jacket I ever Owned

    Posted by Rohit Singh on 12th Jul 2023

    This is such a beautiful color I cannot explain, garment stands out, this is one of those best things that money can buy :) I sized up the jacket to give vintagei oversized look, thanks T :)

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    Color is glorious, quality is top notch, but runs a titch small

    Posted by Lawrence on 26th May 2023

    I'm 5'8" 165 lbs. and wear a medium in everything. Rarely I need a large. This fits great through the shoulders, but upper sleeves are a little tight and I wish the body was 1"-2" longer. Still, it gets a lot of use.

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    Posted by Michael Greenwood on 29th Apr 2023

    I ordered an orange but it turns out the stock was out. I'm actually happy now because the green is a really rich colour. I am wearing this to work as a carpenter who hates work belts/pouches and I am finding it works as I'd hoped it would for holding various things I need on an all-day basis. It's really nice and I plan on keeping one going all the time now.

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    Posted by Delvento Roli on 31st Mar 2023

    Fits perfect to my size and weight. Love the colour and the number and size of pockets. And, being honest, where can you order a jacket and find a handwritten postcard in with greetings signed from Pete itself … that’s what I call real customer orientation. Thank you for that and keep going guys.

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    Just Buy It—Best Chore Coat

    Posted by Renny on 27th Feb 2023

    Maybe it’s the Bay Arean in me, but I love this jacket, chore coat—whatever you wanna call it—unconditionally. Fell in love with it with just how it looks and how many pockets it has, but then when I read about it’s connection to the Golden Gate Bridge via International Orange, I went, “Oh yeah, I need this.” Then I got it and got a handwritten thank you note and a pencil and went, “Oh sweet.” Then I felt the quality of the fabric and actually shoved things in the pockets and built some wood projects with it, travelled with it, and donned it on in ‘California cold’ weather with just a shirt under and European freeze weather with a few layers under and realized its the perfect amount of fit that allows casual chore coat and a weather resistant bundled coat and can say this: “Damn I love this thing.” If you’re on the fence, fall on the side that urges you to buy this coverall jacket.

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    very nice with some pocket oddness

    Posted by sam on 22nd Feb 2023

    the color is wonderful and the bull denim has a really nice feel. seems to fit very true to size. even ignoring the map pocket (which looks good but probably won’t get a lot of use), I think the pocket sizing is a bit off. interior chest pocket is very small (can’t hold an iphone mini, much more suited to airpods or something similar). the right chest pocket is too short to hold an iphone mini either and is just barely a bit too small to hold a passport (you can make it work with effort, but then the passport interferes with the shank button when un-buttoning). the stitch dividing the bottom right pocket is a bit odd, but at least that’s something that is easily solved. so it looks great, feels great to wear, but the function of the pockets feels slightly more about aesthetics rather than real utility. still recommended.