Coverall Jacket Selvedge 14 oz. Natural Indigo

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Several utility pockets with right side interior pocket. Selvedge hit around collar and front placket. Extra rivet and burr used to fortify newspaper pocket stress point.  Made in San Francisco, CA. using Kuroki 14 oz. natural indigo dyed denim (sanforized).



100 years ago, using natural indigo would not have been a big deal since that is where indigo came from, since… forever. Synthetic indigo entered the scene to keep up with demands and the natural indigo dyeing process faded out.

There remains a demand for said fabric, albeit small, so finding a run of this from Kuroki was big for us. It arrived in SF and we got to work plugging this beautiful selvedge fabric into our Ankara straight leg fit and now, our Coverall Jacket.

This has a clean, white selvedge stripe. And just know that running into another bloke with this jacket probably ain't going to happen.

We are happy to have this ready for you now.

Cheers to you,

Tony Patella
Pete Searson