Fatigue Pant - Black Sateen Original Tapered Leg

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Fatigue Pant in 8.5 oz cotton sateen (OG-107). Tapered leg, zip fly, flap back pockets. Made in Italy of Italian fabric.  Fit Guide



There was a time in a kid's life when they went off-script at the Slurpee counter at the local convenience store. I was a true cherry Slurpee kid until I got wind about the ability to try another, like the Coke flavor. Apparently you could even mix the flavors which opened up several doors. I just asked Tony and he was a Coke/Cherry dude from the get go.

Point being, trying something new will always be a good idea and that person who brought the Slurpee to the youth of America must be driving a Cadillac.

Our fatigue pants have a similar life. We started with olive and try to keep coming up with new flavors every once in a while. There are a few of you out there who call this pant a mainstay in your wardrobe and have a grip of colors in this fantastic OG-107 fabric.

Now, we just received our zip front fatigue pants in black and are loaded up to offer this to you.

Stay cool out there and thanks a lot for listening,

Tony Patella
Pete Searson