Fatigue Pant - Ecru Sateen Original Tapered Leg

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Fatigue Pant in 8.5 oz cotton sateen (OG-107). Tapered leg, zip fly, flap back pockets. Made in Italy of Italian fabric.  Fit Guide



Style is not a race. Style is not a contest. You can have a little of it, a lot, or none. It comes naturally but some with money can go out and buy it, which is fine, especially for the makers of said goods.

I, as a very young lad, had a pair of those Wallabee boots. The classic tan suede pair with gum soles and 4 eyelets for the shoelaces. Incredible and iconic. We had a simple life so my closet had a lot of open space. Once these shoes came into my life, that is all I wore. I simply did not care one bit if I was on my skateboard, my bike trying to run over my sister, or out with my mom & sister on a Tuesday night, wolfing down a Bob's Big Boy burger with that crazy relish and a piece of hot fudge cake for dessert. If I was standing up, I had on those Wallabees.

Very quickly, they stopped looking fresh. My mom saved the day and bought me one of those bristly suede brushes to fluff up the rough out leather. It worked like a charm and I was thankful for the chance to look my best.

That was my uniform for as long as they lasted, at least for my feet.

For me and Tony, we have found that some of our goods have turned into a uniform for our longtime customers. Could be our coverall jackets. Could be a pair of 5 pocket jeans. And for the past 6 years, it very well could be our fatigue pants. This fabric we use is paramount - a beautiful reproduction of the OG-107 that was developed back in the day. It was good enough for the soldiers then, and with our daily needs of something classic, high quality and stylish, these pants check a lot of boxes.

We have two new colors (ecru and light grey) that just arrived and we are proud to offer them to you.

Cheers from HQ,

Tony Patella
Pete Searson