Grayford Jacket 13 oz. Black Selvedge Denim

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This Grayford jacket is a direct reproduction of a early 1900's French workwear jacket.  13 oz. black selvedge from japan.  Cut and sewn in San Francisco.  Fit Guide

The idea to reproduce this jacket came to us from Brad Bonnema, owner of Grayford's in New Jersey.  A note from Brad:

We acquired this 1920’s French coat (third pic) from a fellow collector, curator, archivist, and dealer named Jason who owns Deja Vu Refinery which is a vintage clothing and antique Native American Jewelry shop in New Mexico. This coat was originally purchased by Jason from Scott Corey of Santa Fe. The legendary Scott Corey was the owner and founder of Santa Fe Vintage, which is home to one of the most prestigious and curated collections of American/European vintage, art and objects.

One day, Scott was called by a mutual friend of theirs who is the director of the largest repository of American/European vintage and antique clothing in the world. This repository holds the private collections of some of the biggest names in fashion, collectors, and museums. Scott was called in to buy—and probably repurchase—anything he wanted that had been decommissioned by the repository. This jacket was one of the items he purchased during his visit. It is rare to find the black/indigo moleskin jackets that have turned purple. I believe it is due to the age, sunlight exposure, and the life/environment they were subjected to.

Sadly, Scott Corey passed away in 2019 from pancreatic cancer. His collection and shop are now run and curated by Teo Griscom who worked alongside Scott for years prior to his passing. I really hope this helps. Let me know if you need any more information.

With humble gratitude,


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    Grayford Classic jacket

    Posted by Stefan on 2nd Apr 2024

    The details! As always, Tellason-built equals the highest quality fabric and pattern. The beautiful, stylish grommet buttons are the finishing touch. Another Heirloom Tellason piece!