Tellason Stock- Straight Leg Fit

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The Tellason Stock Straight Leg jeans are made in San Francisco, California from 14 oz. non-selvedge sanforized Cone Mills denim. Our Straight Leg fit is a mid-rise true straight leg with a button-fly and the bottom of the back pockets are lined for durability.  Post try-on hemming info here.


Tellason Stock- I remember Tony and I trying to sort out a name for our non-selvedge jeans and jackets. For some reason, it did not come easy. I harked back to high school and thought about the car culture back in the early 80's.

In Southern California, there were a bunch of tribes but the dominant vehicle of choice was the VW Bug. Within this iconic car, was the Cal Bug crew and the stock crew. I was part of the stock crew. We did everything we could to get our Bugs looking like they just rolled off the assembly line in Germany. The Cal Bug crew did the opposite.

Dual carbs, lowered front end, dump the wind wing for a one piece side window, dump the front turn indicators on the two front fenders, install a Hurst shifter. The list goes on and on. I did not have the pocket book for these modifications so I stayed in my lane.

Like everything else we do, we make and name stuff from our experiences and hopefully it fits with whatever the hell we are trying to accomplish. Tellason Stock is a tight little program focusing on high quality, non-selvedge Cone Mills denim. We make two jackets and two fits for our jeans.

Enjoy the ride and thanks for listening,

Tony Patella
Pete Searson


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    Telladon Stock Straight Leg

    Posted by Nathan Keefer on 11th Jun 2024

    This is the second purchase of two pairs of these jeans for me. I work in jeans everyday (large animal veterinarian) and have been searching for the perfect work pants. These jeans fit really well and seem, a couple of months in for the first set, to be very well made. I really appreciate the genuinely straight leg with an opening large enough to go over my work boots. It is also worth noting that I lost a rivet from a front pocket on one of the first pairs. The swift, free and convenient repair service speaks so well of this company's customer care culture..

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    Leading Contender for Best Denim Jeans on the Market.

    Posted by David on 20th May 2024

    These jeans are among the best available on the market. Fabric, style, durability and quality are all outstanding. Tellason customer service is also excellent.

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    Stock Jean Straight Cut

    Posted by Adrian R. on 10th May 2024

    I’m really happy with this pair of jeans from the quality to the fit. I’m a bigger guy and it’s hard to find jeans that fit well. These jeans fit great, I have great movement without it being baggy. I will getting another pair when it comes time for another pair of jeans. Thank you Tellason!

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    work of art

    Posted by Maria Saha on 1st May 2024

    These felt so nice the first time I put them on, I did not want to take them off. I can't wait to fully break them in and see what they look like in a year. Excellent workmanship, and the customer service for their products is always amazing.

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    Solid jeans.

    Posted by Todd on 21st Apr 2024

    Fits just like the Ankara. Nice weight to them. Great quality as always!

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    TS straight leg

    Posted by Nathan on 19th Apr 2024

    Seem to be very well made. I really appreciate the genuine straight leg with an opening that actually fits over my work boots.

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    Stock Jeans

    Posted by David Walker on 15th Apr 2024

    Excellent quality superb fit! These are truly great jeans. I will buy more for sure. I have been wearing this company’s jeans on an offer a decade, and I have made my decision to stick with them for the remaining years.

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    Budget Blubaughs

    Posted by Matt on 2nd Apr 2024

    These are exactly what you'd expect: Totally decent Tellasons that are about half the cost. With diminishing returns and all that, they are nicer than half as good as the selvedge jeans, but the nicer denim and details like the "legal" tab are what make the selvedge ones the GOAT. There is room for both, and I'll probably keep buying and hammering both for as long as I'm still alive and they still make them, whichever ends first.

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    The highest quality!!

    Posted by Antonio Jimenez on 13th Mar 2024

    This is my second pair,fits right since day one,thanks great jeans.