Tellason Stock- Straight Leg Fit

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The Tellason Stock Straight Leg jeans are made in San Francisco, California from 14 oz. non-selvedge sanforized Cone Mills denim. Our Straight Leg fit is a mid-rise true straight leg with a button-fly and the bottom of the back pockets are lined for durability.  Post try-on hemming info here.


Tellason Stock- I remember Tony and I trying to sort out a name for our non-selvedge jeans and jackets. For some reason, it did not come easy. I harked back to high school and thought about the car culture back in the early 80's.

In Southern California, there were a bunch of tribes but the dominant vehicle of choice was the VW Bug. Within this iconic car, was the Cal Bug crew and the stock crew. I was part of the stock crew. We did everything we could to get our Bugs looking like they just rolled off the assembly line in Germany. The Cal Bug crew did the opposite.

Dual carbs, lowered front end, dump the wind wing for a one piece side window, dump the front turn indicators on the two front fenders, install a Hurst shifter. The list goes on and on. I did not have the pocket book for these modifications so I stayed in my lane.

Like everything else we do, we make and name stuff from our experiences and hopefully it fits with whatever the hell we are trying to accomplish. Tellason Stock is a tight little program focusing on high quality, non-selvedge Cone Mills denim. We make two jackets and two fits for our jeans.

Enjoy the ride and thanks for listening,

Tony Patella
Pete Searson


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    Can't wait

    Posted by William Ard on 23rd Jan 2024

    Can't wait to break them in. This pair was a gift to my son but i bought a pair for myself first. He loves them too.

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    Fantastic jeans!

    Posted by Todd on 13th Dec 2023

    I love my Sheffields (size35) and thought I would try the Stock Straight Leg (35 as well). Perfect fit and the quality is awesome. The value to price ratio is unbeatable. I highly recommend them.

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    This is another pair of Tellason that I'm completely satisfied with

    Posted by David Schoenecker on 16th Sep 2023

    I just wish these had the sewn in label from Cone.

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    Great Work Jeans

    Posted by RT on 12th Sep 2023

    These are the best jeans you can buy at this price. I introduced 2 pairs into my work jean rotation and they outlasted 6 pairs of USA Levis, 2 pairs of USA Wranglers, 6 pairs of imported Wranglers, 2 pairs of Carhartts and 2 pairs of Filsons. The buttons on the fly are better than any I’ve used. The back pockets are double and durable. The front pockets never ripped or leaked. The inside thigh seams are superior for walking or riding but still hold up to hard use. The double belt loop in the back is the best. After I finally had to retire the original 2, I bought 4 more. There are a few pairs of jeans I like more than these, they are also made by Tellason.

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    Best Fitting Jeans

    Posted by Jim Conley on 24th Jul 2023

    I first picked up a pair of these Tellason Stock jeans from a third party vendor on a whim, and I was so impressed with the way they fit me. I'm tall, and the inseam on a pair of 36's was perfect. I just picked up two more pair. These are a great value for an American-made paid of jeans (especially when on sale).

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    Jeans are awesome!

    Posted by Don on 13th Jul 2023

    My 3rd pair of Telleson jeans.. favorite 3 pair of jeans I own! Fit is great and super well made!

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    Awesome pants.

    Posted by Shawn Henneberry on 10th Jul 2023

    I just received mine today. The fit is really nice. Amazing quality. Im not sure if im going to hem them or roll them up 1950s style! And I absolutely appreciate pete calling me personally to check on sizing concern with my order. Its nice to see one of the owners making sure a customer is getting what they need and want. I appreciate that touch. I highly recommend getting a pair.

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    Tellason Stock Jean, straight leg

    Posted by Delmont on 10th Jul 2023

    Awesome quality and fit. This is a great everyday work Jean without the cost of selvege priced into it. Is this made from a stash of Cone Mills denim from Mexico?

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    The perfect American made jean

    Posted by John V. on 10th Jul 2023

    These are the quintessential American blue jean. I now have 6 pairs in Stock straight fit. They work well for lean, athletic build needing room in the seat and thigh, yet the straight leg works well over dress shoes, boots, and cowboy bots. The quality of the denim is second to none, and the design is classic and simple. I have been wearing these for 4+ years and I will continue to wear these as long as I can get them.