28th Mar 2020

10 Questions: TABOR / Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

In this series we will ask 10 Questions of independent retailers around the world. In this difficult time we're all facing, we wanted to find out how these shops are doing, how they plan to operate in the short term and how you can support them to make sure their doors open when the coast is clear.

  1. Have you closed the doors to your store by government mandate? Indeed, Our county has established a “Stay at Home” mandate.
  2. Did you have an e-commerce store before the emergence of the virus? Yes- We have had e-commerce for the past few years.
  3. If so, have you noticed an uptick in online sales as loyal customers want to support you? We have definitely seem some more attention and shopping activity on digital but not directly via site – mostly Instagram messaging.
  4. If not, have you been able to sell products via email or by appointment in the store? We have been open for private and virtual appointments. We have recently introduced, TABOR Take Out which is our packaged delivery service or free online shipping for those out of our area code.
  5. Do you believe that consumers will change their mentality regarding where they spend their money and what they buy if they see their neighborhoods changed due to store closures related to the quarantine? I think folks will take it in to account for sure and are willing to support. We have been lucky to have a strong community here in NC.
  6. Is The Clash A) the greatest English band of all-time B) the best punk band ever C) The Only Band That Matters or D) all of the above? Knowing you guys, I know the answer is D.
  7. Are you using some of the time during the closure of your store to do some projects inside the store (remodeling, re-merchandising, etc)? We have seen some good responses to TABOR Take Out in box clients and delivery appointments so we have been staying busy. We have had more time for creative social and website energy more than physical store.
  8. Have any of your brick and mortar customers reached out to you specifically to see how you're doing and asked how they can support you? We are lucky to have such a great community around us and we have been eager to check in on a lot of the TABOR family through this time. We have been so appreciative of those communicating and checking back in with us. Truly the best way to support us is to give us a shout for whatever you need. We are eager to serve and keep up what we do every day.
  9. Are you optimistic you will survive the quarantine and be able to reopen your store? We are so optimistic. Once mandate is lifted and folks are at ease, we are here and ready with open arms. This has been a huge adjustment though- We love the creative problem solving but struggle with tough sacrifices to what we have been able to establish in these 5 years of business. We aren’t going anywhere but we of course need support to make that happen.
  10. If someone reading this would like to support you by making a purchase from you, what is the best way for them to handle the inquiry? Our website – – or work with us on Instagram for a more direct discussion on anything you may need. @taborclt