4 Signs To Wash Your Raw Denim

Posted by Tellason on 13th Jul 2015

4 Signs To Wash Your Raw Denim

4 Signs To Wash Your Raw Denim


The only way to properly remove odor from jeans is to wash them. We recommend turning the jeans inside out and washing in cold water (either by hand or in a front loading machine) and air drying. Juniper Ridge’s Desert Denim Wash is a nice way to mask odor between washings.


Crotch blowouts occur due to friction. Denim that is weakened by sweat and other bacteria can experience friction related holes sooner than denim that is washed periodically. We wash our jeans after four to six months of daily wear and then every one or two months thereafter.


If something spills and stains raw denim, immediately take a wet cloth and dab the stain. Never rub the stain, as rubbing will remove some of the indigo from the affected area.


If blood gets onto your denim, dab the bloodstain with a cloth soaked in cold water. The cold water will break down the proteins in the blood. If the stain cannot be removed with a simple dabbing motion, apply a small amount of stain removing detergent to the stain. Dab the area again with a cold wet cloth until the stain is removed.

Signs To Wash Raw Denim

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