Best Ways To Break In Your Raw Denim

Posted by Tellason on 11th Jun 2015

Best Ways To Break In Your Raw Denim

Best Ways To Break In Your Raw Denim

The process of breaking in a new pair of raw denim takes time, as rigid denim requires time to soften and mold to your body. Of course, the best way to make the jeans unique to you and your life is to wear them daily and incorporate them into your daily routine. For those in a hurry, try biking, soaking, or doing lunges.


Biking can help break in raw denim faster because the constant cycling motion will loosen up the stiff legs and the sitting position will open up the seat of the denim. However, biking can also lead to weakened seams around the seat of the denim, especially if the denim is a skinny fit. For looser fits like straight legs, biking is a great way to soften up the stiff fabric.



Soaking is another method to break in raw denim. Part of the finishing process of all denim is the addition of starch (and in some cases wax) to make the fabric rigid before it is even woven in a process called sizing. Soaking raw denim breaks down the starch/wax in the fabric. To learn more, follow our guide on how and why to soak your raw denim.



Lunges are a quick and easy way to break in raw denim. The stretching motion gently opens up the seat and legs of the denim. Do three to five deep lunges to give the denim a nice stretch. Doing lunges periodically throughout the day will help the denim soften up and mold the body.


What are your favorite methods to break in raw denim? Comment and share your tips and tricks below!


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