Guide to Removing Denim Stains

Posted by Tellason on 1st Jun 2015

Guide to Removing Denim Stains

Guide to Removing Denim Stains


When it comes to raw denim, the indigo color can easily rub off and stain any surface it comes in contact with, especially when it gets damp from rain or sweat. To minimize indigo bleeding (also known as crocking) altogether, do not get the denim wet or rub it against any easily stained surfaces. When crocking just can’t be prevented, however, follow these step-by-step guides on how to remove stains from common surfaces:

How to Remove Denim Stains from Furniture

  1. Take a cold damp cloth and gently blot the stained surface. This blotting motion should fade the stain 
  2. Do not rub the stained surface. Rubbing will only cause the stain to get deeper into the upholstery fibers
  3. For even more persistent stains, blot the stain with vinegar or ammonia solution every five minutes for up to an hour. By blotting and waiting for five minutes, the solution will break down the stain and make the removal process easier
  4. After the stain is removed, take a dry towel and blot out the excess water from the upholstery

How to Remove Denim Stains from Leather Seats

  1. Take a warm damp cloth to gently remove any dust and surface stains from the seat. Do not rub the leather surface - the rubbing motion can make the stain harder to remove
  2. Apply leather cleaner to a clean cloth
  3. Start to wipe the stain away in circular motions until the stain is completely gone
  4. Wipe the surface clean with a new cloth dampened with water
  5. Cover the cleaned surface with leather protectant
  6. Reapply the leather protectant every two months to prevent future stains and to ensure that the car seats remain clean and protected

How to Remove Denim Stains from Shoes

  1. Spray your shoe with a stain-removing detergent
  2. Let the detergent soak into the material for 15-20 minutes before washing
  3. Place the stained canvas shoes into a bucket filled with cold water. The stain should be faded after the 15 to 20-minute soak
  4. Scrub the stain with a brush until the stain is completely removed
  5. Rinse shoes under cold water until all the detergent is removed
  6. Let the shoe air dry

How to Remove Denim Stains from White Fabric

  1. Apply a generous amount of stain-removing detergent to the stain
  2. Let the detergent soak into the stain for 15 to 20 minutes
  3. Scrub the white fabric under cold water
  4. Apply more stain-removing detergent if the stain has not faded and let the fabric sit for another 15 to 20 minutes
  5. Place the fabric into the washing machine with half a cup of bleach. The bleach will break down the stain and leave the white fabric super clean