Our Classic Sherpa Lined Jean Jacket

Posted by Tellason on 9th Oct 2015

Our Classic Sherpa Lined Jean Jacket


With colder weather upon us, we aim to add a little extra heat in the lives of our customers out there. For immediate delivery, we have taken our 16.5 oz denim jacket and lined it with a U.S. made sherpa.

Again, nothing new here. Companies have been lining this classic jacket for hundreds of years. This is part of the point we always try to make with Tellason: classic items in a man's closet that stand up to the test of time and never will be seen as a part of the fashion cycle or a blip on the map of any latest trend. 

This Sherpa lined jacket will handle whatever you dish out, even if it's something you throw in the back of your car, like a spare tire or wrench. A bit of insurance in case things get dodgy with the weather this winter...