(Re)Introducing Our Pocket Tee

Posted by Tellason on 25th May 2015

(Re)Introducing Our Pocket Tee

(Re)Introducing Our Pocket Tee

The list of iconic items in a man’s closet can be as short or long as you want it to be. There are still some out there that consider shopping to be a sport and end up playing as often as possible in hopes of it all fitting in their personal space. This keeps makers and retailers in business on some level, but for us, we like to narrow the scope and put our crosshairs on just a handful of products that have daily usefulness.

Clothes that are always made well tend to get better with age. Items that wear in ways that give a sense of story to our daily walk mean the most things we have worn since childhood. The jeans we make fit this desire we have and wear something classic every day. We wake up, look in the closet, and without too much thought, reach for a pair of great-fitting jeans that have taken the shape of our body and whose marks were created by whatever one’s life dished out thus far.

We don’t pretend to live on the cusp of fashion trends and know that it has pretty much all been done before. We focus on the classic items that, over time, have grown close to us but ultimately wear out and need to be replaced. This is a minimalistic approach to the industry that now we can say includes a well-built pocket tee shirt.

Our newly restocked pocket tee is made in North Carolina in a factory that milled the fabric, cuts and sewed it together, and delivers them to us in California.

Originally worn under dress shirts, never to be seen, it was the shirt of choice for the original counter cultures out there that parents of previous generations tried, without success, to keep the “kids” away from.

Hot rod mechanics, rock and rollers, lone wolves, and skateboarders all cut their teeth in a great tee shirt. Sure, some had graphics, some had ringers and for a horrible and brief time in the early 80s, some had been cut to make the ½ shirt! It is something that everyone can relate to and is the uniform for most in one way or the other.

We take pride in our pocket tee, from the fit to the story of the 50-year-old American company that still cranks them out because small companies like Tellason have committed not to go overseas to save a few bucks.