The Tellason Holiday Packages

Posted by Tellason on 6th Nov 2015

The Tellason Holiday Packages

The Tellason Holiday Packages

By most accounts, 2015 has been a good year for most people - unless you play or manage the Los Angeles Dodgers organization (sorry citizens of L.A., but our rivalry is just too good not to say something here about it). 

So to keep the positive minerals flowing, we have put together various holiday packages of our best items for you or for the man in your life, who, without a doubt, deserves an elevated gift this year. 

With five options of various stylings, we hope you will explore the space we have created where perhaps one of them will end up under your tree, or whatever you and your family put up in place of the overgrown fern in the corner of the living room during this time of the year! 

We even lopped several dollars off the top to make it easier on your wallet... Enjoy!


Like the grandparents of Tellason co-founder Tony Patella, our Italian Job pack is comprised of items from the peninsula. Our Made in Italy 100% silk bandana is available in blue or orange, the selvage indigo canvas for our Ladbroke Grove jeans, and the brown selvage fabric for our Topper shirt is from northeastern Italy and cut and sewn in San Francisco. La vita è bella!

The Italian Job includes:

• 100% silk scarf
• Indigo Canvas Ladbroke Grove slim tapered jeans
• Brown selvage Topper shirt

Package price: $375
Regular price: $494
Package Savings: $119


Our single-pocket W10 shirt is constructed with a remake of an old Cone Mills dobby fabric. The jean jacket is made from 13.5 oz. limited edition denim dyed with 100% natural indigo – Cone Mills goes back to their roots after 100 years. Both fabrics were made at the historic White Oak plant (ca. 1905) in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The Old Greensboro includes:

• W10 striped shirt 
• Natural Indigo Jean Jacket

Package price: $391
Regular price: $460
Package Savings: $69


Most likely the ultimate venue in the world. Mega bands have lit that place up for decades. Freddie Mercury and Queen had the crowd eating out of their hands back in 1986, the Foo Fighters in 2008, and the Olympics in 1948...

Your favorite independent band may not have played there, but if they did, you would know all about it.

In the spirit of the holidays, we are offering our ultimate gift pack- The Wembley. This represents the cumulative effort of every category we make, from head to toe, all with a discounted price tag for the holidays. 

The Wembley includes:

• Tellason / Manifattura Ceccarelli coat
• Jean of your choice
• Pocket Tee 2-Pac
• Bridle leather belt
• Indigo-dyed sock

Package price: $875
Regular price: $1,096
Package Savings: $221


The 100 Club played a pivotal role in introducing punk rock to the musically deprived London youth in 1976. The 100 Club hosted The International Punk Festival which included the Sex Pistols, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Clash, Buzzcocks, The Jam, The Stranglers, and The Damned. 

What a fine time to be in London, to say the least...

This pack will keep you warm with our sherpa lined 16.5 oz. denim jacket, jeans of your choice, and our new Japanese twill Clampdown shirt, all with a discounted price tag for the holidays.

The 100 Club includes:

• Sherpa lined jacket
• Jean of your choice
• Olive Clampdown shirt



The quintessential San Francisco venue. Magic happens here nightly. It just does. Debbie Gibson could perform here and something special would transpire. Maybe not, but you get the idea. The staff even gives you an apple as you walk towards the door after the show...

This pack focuses on some of our newest core items such as our Cramerton chinos, pocket tee two-pack, and a bridle leather belt with copper hardware, all with a discounted price tag for the holidays.

The Fillmore includes:

• Cramerton chino
• Pocket Tee 2-Pac
• Bridle leather belt



Say these two words together and Johnny Cash comes to the front of your brain. With that said, it was only natural to create a pack that represented the spirit of the man: our black Topper shirt, black Japanese selvage jeans, and a naturally dyed pink sock (think "A Boy Named Sue"), all with a discounted price tag for the holidays.

The Folsom Prison includes:

• Black Topper shirt
• Black Ladbroke Grove or Ankara
• Pink sock



Growing up West Coast kids, we were not fortunate enough to experience this NYC venue until two years ago when we saw X perform in front of a packed house. Hard to explain, but both of us reflect on this show as the best show we have ever attended. Once in a while, the particles out there line up and make something special happen. This was one of those nights.

This pack focuses on our true basics: jeans, denim jackets, pocket tee shirts, and a natural indigo-dyed sock, all with a discounted price tag for the holidays.

The Irving Plaza includes:

• Jean of your choice
• Jean jacket
• Pocket Tee 2-Pac
• Yellow sock