Clampdown- BLU/GLD Plaid Flannel

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Our Clampdown shirt made up in a medium weight plaid flannel.  Cut and sewn in San Francisco, CA.  Fit Guide



We are beginning to speak a bit like Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers films with all of these plaid shirts we are cranking out. Each one that arrives has its own thing going - super heavy flannel, mid weight, big and bright colors or down home earth tones.

This new Tellason plaid flannel is fresh out of the box and officially the one big Tony grabbed for himself. It is super easy to look at and seems to be the correct weight most customers can get their head around.

With that, we hope you find a place in your closet for our newest Clampdown plaid flannel.

Saluté from HQ,

Tony Patella
Pete Searson


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    Can't stop, won't stop

    Posted by Kern on 25th Oct 2022

    I love all of my Tellason shirts, but this one doesn't stay long on the hanger. It's a chameleon that can dress up, or dress down. It goes with nearly everything in my closet, and the mid/heavy weight is just right for the season. Keep these wonderful plaids coming!

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    If it's not Scottish, it's crap!

    Posted by Random Dude on 14th Oct 2022

    I have a Tellason flannel in the 1988 (medium), the W10 (heavy) and Clampdown (really heavy) This one feels "just right". The fabric is nearly light weight, what we are used to from off the rack. The colors are amazing. Black to match jeans, blue to match new jeans, light blue to match worn jeans. Multiple shades of yellow with grey mixed in. I could wear this to a business meeting. I know why Big Tony grabbed one of these. It is simply the right shirt. True to size. And, as always with these guys, you can tell the quality over other brands. The website renderings are darker than the products, if there is a video, use that for color reference.