Coverall Jacket - Garment Dyed "Chambray"

1954.10 CHM
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13 oz. U.S. made bull denim.  Several utility pockets with right side interior pocket. Garment dyed in Marin Co. CA.   Extra rivet used to fortify newspaper pocket stress point.  Made in San Francisco, Calif. USA.  Fit Guide



These dyed coverall jackets take a ton of work to get made. Cut and sew it in San Francisco, pick them up in my van and drive them up to Novato to get dyed, drive them back to the factory in SF so they can put the hardware on and take the wrinkles out, pick them back up and bring them back to our HQ to pack up and sell to our customers.

We were tempted to lean away from these a few years ago but damn, they keep selling well so we are happy to keep bouncing around the Bay Area to keep our dyed coverall jackets in stock. Plus, these drives back and forth give me a chance to check in with my 80 year old mom in Reno and see how her pickleball game is going.

With that mix of news, we just refilled our shelves with our green bull denim coverall jackets.

Enjoy and thanks for your support,

Tony Patella
Pete Searson