Easy Pant- cotton ripstop (black)

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Tapered leg, flap back pockets, side pockets. Thigh patch pockets with snaps.  Elastic waist with drawstring.  Made in Italy of Italian 7.5 oz. 100% cotton ripstop fabric..  Fit Guide

XS- 28-30

Small - 30-32

Medium- 32-34

Large- 34-36

XL- 36-38




The stunt flying we did as kids: The Rock Fight.

I say this right now, from this day forward, never ever participate in a rock fight. If you see some kids teaming up and having at it, step in and squash their rock fight dreams. Fact, every rock fight will end the moment someone takes one to the dome, so just don't do it.

I wish I had this logic back when I was 10 but I did not. We teamed up, gathered as many rocks as your pockets would hold, yelled "GO" and started slinging. How are those involved all not wearing the same eyepatch today that the Hathaway guy wore in all of those ads? Again, just don't do it.

But, that said, if I had a pair of these new EZ pants with all the pockets on the front, side and back, things would have leaned my team's way. At least with our stockpile efforts.

Now that that memory is on the table, we are fired up on this new EZ pant of ours. Made with an incredible, light weight cotton ripstop fabric from Italy. And in case you’re wondering, the elastic waist gives it the EZ name.

Enjoy and once again, put the rock down and carry on,

Tony Patella
Pete Searson


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    Posted by Richard on 14th May 2024

    Fabric? Dope! Fit? Dope! Pockets? Dope! Tellason? Dope!!