Fulton Playing Cards for Tellason

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The idea to produce Tellason Playing Cards came from long time Tellason Lover Brad Fulton
Long time listener. First time caller.
I had given up on denim. One day in 2009 I found that Filson was making American Selvedge Jeans and gave it a whirl. Much to my dismay the jeans were the best I’d worn in my life. They appeared to be custom tailored for a tall man like myself—perfect rise and long inseam. A match made in heaven. I began to beat these things to death… and when they were on life support, the product had vanished from said retailers website. Frantically searching for the true maker of these magical pants led me to a new company I’d not heard of - Tellason.
I immediately emailed their “customer service” — asking for a pair of jeans as well as putting In a request that they make their Topper Shirt in black. Within the hour I got a response thanking me for my praise, as well as telling me “we ain’t fuckin Etsy” regarding the special shirt request.
It hit me. This was a real person who had passion about their product line. In this day and age of corporate correctness I had hit a nerve with a duo of denim heads. This was intriguing. So I prodded once more. “How can I get those epic honeycomb fades on my jeans?”
“Get off your ass and walk more or ride a bike.”
Sold. Ring me up. Customer for life.
My first born child came into this world in a California Hospital as I wore my Ankara Jeans. Tellason for me became about more than the cotton—but the soul of the real folks who made them.
Years went by and I continued my allegiance to these awesome threads made in my home state. In the meantime my playing card business flourished and I dreamt of making Tellason Playing Cards 100% in the USA—housed in a denim box. And here they are.
By holding these playing cards you are supporting the livelihoods of real people with true passions to create the best products. For me — that is the backbone of America. 


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    Best Purchase in Forty Years

    Posted by Ted Underhill on 6th Apr 2024

    I had my credit wrecked forty years ago when some joker in Los Angeles stole my identity from my country club. Needless to say I have been extremely careful where I purchase from ever since. I came across these cards and thought I would treat myself to a quality deck. These do not disappoint. Smooth play, high quality, killer design, and made in the USA. And the packaging is just as good. I may just buy a second pack.