The Blubaugh- Mid Rise Slim Straight Selvedge Jeans- 16.5 oz.

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** All Blubaugh jeans sold are raw, unwashed and unworn. **  Todd Blubaugh has been a close friend of ours for seven years.  He lives an extraordinary life and has a clear vision about the gear that helps him on his journey.  We let Todd create this new jean from top to bottom.  Our sanforized 16.5 oz.proprietary Kaihara denim is our toughest so it was an automatic choice for us to use for The Blubaugh jean.  It has a mid-rise slim straight fit. Cut and sewn in San Francisco, Calif. USA.  Check out Todd's book.  


A note from Tony & Pete

Occasionally, you meet the following types of people:

Candlestick Maker
Stunt Flyer

Our friend Todd Blubaugh checks a few of these boxes. The friendship began with Tony flying up to Seattle (year two for us) to do a promotion at Blackbird (RIP). They were one of the first five shops we sold to when we started. Tony ran a contest and was going to give a free pair for the person who brought in their most hammered pair of Tellason jeans. Todd arrived early and the contest was over. His pair was still one of the best old jeans we have seen. From there, our friendship grew.

Christmas 2014, Todd was passing through on his bike. We were neck deep in turkey etc... and an hour later, we hear the thump of his motor working its way up the hill. Once inside, Todd took over one of the four burners at the stove to melt down some bees wax to re-wax his jacket for the next day's wet ride north. Now, remember this is Christmas dinner here and burners are a hot commodity. My wife somehow reworked the timing of the whole dinner since that bees wax took about an hour to melt down. My youngest was fascinated with Todd's old world efforts and dinner came out just fine...

Back to jeans- we were ready for a new fit so we passed Todd the baton and gave him 100% freedom to create a jean based on exactly what his life on a bike is all about. The mid-rise keeps the draft down the bunz in check and the slightly slimmer straight leg is neither tight nor loose which allows for a little mobility without the leg panels flapping in the wind at +60 m.p.h. The leg opening derived from what Todd believes to be the perfect circumference around his Red Wing Engineer boot.

This is only available in our 16.5 oz orange line selvedge to keep things on the heavy side for Todd's rigorous life.

Tony Patella
Pete Searson


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    Perfect pair of jeans for a person who wears their jeans like a pair of jeans

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Feb 2021

    On a cold winter day my wife informed me she was able to see my bits though the holes in my Wranglers. I didn’t know what to do about it, every pair of pants I wore had the same fully customized air vents after only a couple months. She was sick of it, and told me I needed a new pair. I was about to hop in my ‘67 3/4 ton (truck, not wife) and roll on over to Walmart to pick up another pair of my old unfaithfuls. Long story short, my wife told me “ain’t no way you’re gonna get them again.” I did my due diligence, went on over to my neighbor Donny’s trailer to use his computer and found Tellason. I don’t know much about much, but knew I wanted a good pair of jeans. Called Pete and Tony, and they got my lined out on what the deal was. I was hesitant at first on the price, and figured these would be on reserve for date nights to Miss Mudd’s Chuckwagon. The jeans got to my door in 2 days. They immediately fit great, and my wife gave me a look I’d never seen before. I liked that look, and have since not taken the pants off (all other pants were thrown away.) That was 9 months ago. With a newborn child, having jeans that aren’t beat 8 ways to Sunday leaves one less thing to deal with. Do yourself a favor, get a pair.

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    A cut for the ones that really know wtf..

    Posted by Manuel on 9th Feb 2021

    Finally after Rouge Territory, RailCar, Iron Heart. I’ve been searching for a slim straight cut that fits a man that’s 60 years old that knows the jeans of the 60’s and 70’s. Use to buy my jeans at The Shirt Works on San Carlos in San Jose. Now you know what I’m talking about... These Blubaughs are the cut! No low waist, no girly taper, no hugging at the hip. Perfect weight, color, texture and fit! I’m 6’1” and about 230 lbs. 35 waste with the 34 length are spot freak’n on! This is what a jean should wear like. The leg opening sits perfect on boots, Pecos, 877’s, all my Red Wing Heritage and my Alden’s even.. Freak’n great with Converse. Definitely the cut you don’t want to cuff... Just wish you boyz at Tellason would add 37 waist to the Chinos. You could pick up lots of business from us guys in are 50’s and 60’s. We were wearing this stuff back then, and want to wear it now straight up! No frills! Just the sizes.. And when are big or elephant bells coming back! Thx for this cut guys! And the sizing!

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    Blubaugh Jeans

    Posted by Ed on 25th Jan 2021

    This is one fine pair of jeans -- heavy duty and well cut. A good fit for me (6 feet, 175 pounds). Slim cut but not too tight and certainly not a "skinny" jean. Hats off to Tellason for another U.S.-sewn, quality product. For those wondering, the leg opening on these will fit a cowboy boot without any problem.

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    These are phenomenal

    Posted by Donnie Thompson on 31st Dec 2020

    I think I have a pair of all of Tellason's jeans and from day 1, these became my new favorite. The cut is perfect as is the weight. It's jeans like this that will always keep me coming back to Tellason.

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    My Search is Over

    Posted by Sean C. on 18th Dec 2020

    I've been searching for a pair of raw selvedge denim for years that fits my atypical frame, and I've finally found them. Enough room in the thigh for my biker legs, but not too much. Slim enough to be versatile. And I can fit my western boots under them if I want, but they're not "boot cut." Perfect. Love the mid-rise too. Can't say enough how happy I am to find this fit and I look forward to when Tellason comes out with another makeup in this jean. I'll buy it.

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    The Blubaugh- Mid Rise Slim Straight Selvedge Jeans- 16.5 oz

    Posted by Peter on 17th Sep 2020

    Ordered from San Francisco on a Monday arrived in Ramsgate, England on Thursday. Cold washed that afternoon, dried overnight and taken to Son of a Stag to have the length adjusted on Friday. The fit is so good I wore them at my Civil Partnership cermony on Tuesday. I love these jeans.

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    Tall and slim

    Posted by Jake on 15th Sep 2020

    I'm a tall, slim guy, and these jeans accentuate both of those features—not a small feat. Most jeans for the tall, slim body type are either too wide in the leg or too low in the crotch. This cut makes people look twice and wonder why their jeans don't fit as good.

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    Great fit

    Posted by Jelle on 30th May 2020

    The folks at Tellason helped me with my questions (rather quickly if you look at the time difference) and I quickly ordered one. It shipped incredibly fast (3 days from the US to Belgium)! This fit is perfect for me 187cm, 78kg. It is not too baggy and not to slim, has a nice model and fits perfectly over my boots. The quality of the 16,5oz denim is there and can’t wait to break it in even more!

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    Blubaugh mid rise jeans

    Posted by Sol Schott on 30th May 2020

    These mid rise jeans are my new favorite fitting jeans, The “mid rise” means no plumber butt, the belt height sits a little above hip bone allowing for unrestricted movement on and off of a motorcycle but not so high as to be dad jeans or unflattering. The leg width allows for boots to be worn underneath them and not be confused for “boot Cut” like a pseudo rodeo Clown. I’m a fan of these understated burly but classic jeans!