The Blubaugh- Mid Rise Slim Straight Black Selvedge Jeans- 13.5 oz.

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** All Blubaugh jeans sold are raw, unwashed and unworn. **  Todd Blubaugh has been a close friend of ours for seven years.  He lives an extraordinary life and has a clear vision about the gear that helps him during his travels.  We let Todd create this new jean from top to bottom.  Our sanforized black 13.5 oz. proprietary Kaihara denim is our automatic choice for us to use for the second Blubaugh jean.  It has a mid-rise slim straight fit. Cut and sewn in San Francisco, Calif. USA.  Check out Todd's book.  



Todd Blubaugh is a good friend and a fine lad. He is that person who is gifted in the natural sense to take a picture, to build a motor mount from a scrap kitchen knife and a piece of a garden hose and can sort out a great fit on a pair of jeans that fits his life on a motorcycle.

The Blubaugh jean is specific to what he wants when he whips his leg over the bike and heads off down the road. This is a mid-rise jean that will keep the draft out of your backside and the leg opening is not too narrow and not too wide where the wind gets that jean flapping like those discount furniture blow up things on the sidewalk of what appears to be a "going out of business" sale that has been in effect for 3 years now.

We are pleased with this fit and where it came from and know that friendships like this don't come around too often. That is why we are delighted to offer this black Blubaugh jean to you.


Tony Patella
Pete Searson


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    already reviewed Blue pair These are Great too!

    Posted by David Smith on 5th Jan 2024

    Love these!

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    One Detail

    Posted by Jon on 11th Dec 2023

    Great cut. Great fit. Great material. But the pocket lining is white and is visible from when you have them on. The pocket lining on a black or dark indigo jean should really be black. So close to being my new goto denim.

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    Posted by Christopher F on 28th Nov 2023

    I am a 50 year old, 5' 11", 155-160lb (slim) bloke, with a waist typically around 31". I typically wear a baggier pant, only so the hem can sit on my shoes or sneakers. The Blubaugh black 13.5 oz was an exciting prospect and one that exceeded ALL expectations. Suffice it to say I ended up purchasing 2 x pairs of the Blubaugh 16.5oz selvedge jeans, based on the one purchase of the black jean in 13.5oz selvedge. The quality of the black/13.5oz denim is unsurpassed. True to (waist) size. This jean pairs beautifully with boots, shoes, and/or sneakers. Slim on the thigh, that just slightly tapers out toward the calfs (semi-boot cut) and hem. The jean looks great either cuffed or rolled. A more tailored approach will require hemming. This is another example of Tellason's sublime approach to quality and attention to detailing. Had this particular jean not sold out (within a week of release), I would have snagged a second pair. This is a jean that I want to wear for the next few decades.

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    Posted by George Davidson on 26th Nov 2023

    Nice one! Top marks for a new/old fit! These cut of these reminds me of jeans I grew up wearing in the 1960's. If you tend to be thin, (I'm 6' 150), and you're from a hot climate and not crazy about jeans that fit at the hip, are too baggy or skinny... READ ON! The new (non-CLASH related) Blubaugh cut is a stone cold natural antidote! Sensibly and sensitively designed, these jeans are just right for folks who are on the go and doing stuff. They suit my frame really comfortably, and at 13.5 oz. the fabric weight of the black is perfect for hot weather. This design has five metal closures with a slightly higher rise and fits me better than jeans that ride at my hips. The Blubaugh cut sits right at, or slightly above my waist. They aren't baggy in the thighs, nor too wide at the bottom, although as promised they are great with motorcycle or cowboy boots. Also, i dig that the fact that you can easily tuck in your shirt if you prefer. Or not...who cares? Easy either way! As you expect with Tellason products, the quality to price ratio is always way up there! A+++. And the customer service cannot be beat! These Blubaugh's ring my bell! Kudos all around for a style that brings back the 60's in spirit and fit and Tellason for making it. Keep up the great work!

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    Posted by Peter Van Atta on 7th Apr 2023

    Item hasn’t arrived yet.

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    The Blubaugh- Mid Rise Slim Straight Black Selvedge Jeans- 13.5 oz.

    Posted by Kay on 26th Feb 2023

    Great Jeans, great cut/style, the way a decent jeans used to be...great and fast customer service, even to Germany...btw xxx to Tony, I really like your postcards ;)

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    4th pair

    Posted by David Chicago on 25th Feb 2023

    I have blue Sheffields in 14.75, and blue Elgins in 14.75 and 16.5, but these Blubaugh's at 13.5 are my first in black. Very dark matt black. I might like them best, though I've only worn for 3 full days. They feel as heavy to touch as the 14.75, at least to me, and because they're straight rather than tapered below the knee, they're more comfortable for all-day wear. About the rise, I'm not noticing much of a difference in feel among my 3 styles, but I'm 5'10 and 175. The waist size has been consistent across my 3 styles.

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    The Goldilocks of jeans

    Posted by Sol Schott on 25th Feb 2023

    The blubaugh jeans fit me perfectly. As I’ve gotten older my mass seems to of migrated and what used to fit well doesn’t anymore. The mid rise of these keep me from having the dreaded plumber butt and the leg width accommodates my thighs. I ride motorcycles a lot and the need for tall heavy boots makes sense. They fit right under the straight leg with ease. I’m not saying these are dad jeans they certainly are not, they are really cool and well fitting on my 5.5 frame. Great stout comfortable jeans just like they shouted be.

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    Best Jeans

    Posted by Brandon Wurtz on 11th Jan 2023

    I am extremely particular about my jeans and these are the best. I run a motorcycle shop and play in a band, so finding a good pair that I can wear in the shop, on my bike and on stage is not easy. On top of that, when I find a pair I like, I wear them every single day till they fall apart. I’ve had Levi’s vintage collection 501’s and other fits, and many many other denim brands including other well known selvage denim brands. These Blubaugh Tellason’s are by far, superior. Maybe they’re more like the real Levi’s from many years ago, made in SF, hold up extremely well to daily wear and tear, and look and feel great. Or maybe they sold their soul’s to the devil. Either way, I’ll be ordering more Tellason’s to have on hand to wear the rest of my life. Thanks for being the answer to a 15+ year question; What are the best goddamn jeans in the world, cause that’s what I want.