Tellason Stock- Slim Tapered Fit

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The Tellason Stock Slim Tapered jeans are made in San Francisco, California from 14 oz. non-selvedge sanforized Cone Mills denim. Our Slim Tapered fit has a low-to-mid front rise and "normal" back rise with a button-fly and the bottom of the back pockets are lined for durability.  Post try-on hemming info here.

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    Great pair of jeans

    Posted by Dan M on 8th Nov 2020

    This was my first pair of raw denim jeans. They fit very nicely with a tapered fit but not too tight. Looking forward to breaking them in more

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    Tellason Stock - Slim Tapered fit

    Posted by Jeff on 27th Oct 2020

    Amazing quality! I was very impressed with the quality of the product and also the customer service they took the time out to contact me directly as I wanted the jeans hemmed to my length before delivery. I will be supporting and referring friends to this business. Vote with your dollars made in USA and high quality your not gonna find another pair with this level of quality for $100 trust and believe. This is an American Legend in the making.

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    It’s early day to give a fair review,How ever the fit like there trailer made and look great.

    Posted by josef bartinger on 11th Oct 2020

    Tellason jeans may be my new favourites. Shipping was just a few days to Vancouver. And it felt like Tellason valued my business.

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    Tellason Stock- Slim Tapered Fit

    Posted by VICTOR on 4th Oct 2020

    Love it!

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    Modern Classic

    Posted by Kyle P. on 21st Sep 2020

    Thanks to the excellent service team, I snagged my perfect size and couldn’t be happier for fall! The Stock Slim’s are a fantastic product and I’ll be proudly wearing these everyday.

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    Tellason Stock

    Posted by Warren Baise on 16th Sep 2020

    Needed an extra pair of jeans to work in my rotation. Stock jeans were the perfect choice and price. Great fit and look. My only gripe ... the rear leather label. But it will be covered by my belt.

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    Made in USA

    Posted by Mike on 9th Aug 2020

    So...for the last decade plus, I have always tried to buy/ support local businesses - coffee, restaurants, my barber, etc. Since this quarantine though, I have thought a lot about products made in USA. My tools, my clothes, my footwear, good luck with the electronic department. Anyways, I had only worn Levi’s for the last 40+ years and didn’t feel good supporting a business that farms their, once good brand Out to 3rd world countries. Finding a US based denim company is extremely difficult. Or so I thought! Tellason has proved to go beyond what I thought were great jeans! This is my 2nd pair and I have already picked out my 3rd. My pile of Levi’s are going to my local charity. I shall never look back. By far Tellason has the best fit, strength and coloration I have ever slipped my skin suit into. Keep up the good work and please don’t farm your goods out to be made elsewhere.

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    A+ Service A+ Jeans

    Posted by Jeremy Holder on 7th Jul 2020

    I initially purchased these one size too small. I reached out to Tellason for information on sizing and exchange. I received a call from Pete. He was incredibly helpful at explaining the fit and process for getting me the correct replacement. I now have the right size and a new favorite pair of jeans. It's the personal service and exceptional craftsmanship that set these guys apart. Thanks Tony and Pete.

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    Tellason Stock - Tapered Fit

    Posted by Chris Bricker on 28th Jun 2020

    I’m not an expert in the world of denim. However, I am very discerning by nature. Every Telleson Jean that I have purchased has been a 10. Yes, as in the Bo Derek and Dudley Moore movie “10”. They fit well, feel good, and force me to walk properly. They adjust one’s confidence. And as for me, as you can probably tell, one can never have enough. I recommend buying more than one pair, lest you risk wearing-out the knees.