2nd Mar 2021

Strike 3 - Carlisle Finishing Company

Strike 3

It took us a couple of years to get a solid contact at the mill that made our favorite twill, Cramerton Army Cloth.  Fortunately, we were able to use this amazing fabric for several years until the mill closed in 2016 (Strike 1).  This fabric was special not only because of its history but also because it was a highly constructed 2x1 weave and heavier than most twills used to make Chinos. Its 2-ply warp yarn gave it a smooth feel and excellent durability.  Using our connections at Cone Mills White Oak (Strike 2), we were able to recreate the Cramerton Army Cloth at their sister facility, Carlisle Finishing in South Carolina. 

In January we inquired with our representative at Cone Mills about ordering more Carlisle fabric.  We were informed the mill closed at the end of 2020 (Strike 3).  We're now working with a mill in Japan to come up with another kick-ass twill for our Chinos...stay tuned.  In the meantime, all of the current stock of our straight leg and tapered Chinos are the ends of the road of our production with Carlisle twill.