Ankara - Straight Leg Selvedge Jeans - 14.75 oz.

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True straight leg fit. Made with our proprietary Kaihara Japanese red line raw selvage denim (sanforized). Button fly. Extra heavy pocket bags. Bottom of back pockets lined for durability. Leather patch by Tanner Goods, Portland, OR. Graduated inseams from 34.25" to 35.75". If you require a hem, please contact us directly after receiving your jeans.  Made in San Francisco, Calif. USA



Ankara- The capital of Turkey. A nutty choice to name a jean? Not really to us since that is where our favorite front man was born back in 1952.

Pronunciation can be a funny little game in life. You meet a lady named "Kirsten" but you end up saying, "nice to meet you Kristen" then she says, "it's Keersten" and you feel like just calling her "hey there" in the future so you don't screw her name up and get corrected again. Ankara is that way.

Put the emphasis on the front half of the word? Maybe. Put the emphasis on the second half of the word? If you are English, yes. Pittsburgh is not that way. Just say Pittsburgh and you are done. This is a good time to check out what I mean and watch the glorious SNL intro from Christopher Walken for the Foo Fighters. Where does the emphasis go? You decide what sounds better.

Cheers ya'll,

Tony Patella
Pete Searson

Body Type:
Athletic, Husky
Denim Weight:
Leg Opening:
Straight Leg


  • 5
    Selvedge Armour!

    Posted by Miller on 27th Mar 2024

    Wowwy!!! I’ve had a Tellason Jacket for a couple years and I have to say the quality of the build of anything and everything I’ve purchased from these guys is next level. These Ankara Jeans are on par. I think I will undoubtably have these jeans until I’m ready to fall off the twig. The material is thick and incredibly strong, the stitching is tasteful, and the fit is, in my opinion how a pair should fit. Thank you for making such excellent, local and downright badass gear.

  • 5
    Jeans Ankara

    Posted by Xavier Ghuysen on 12th Mar 2024

    Really impressive

  • 5
    Ankara 14.75

    Posted by Frank Fulton on 14th Nov 2023

    You can ride the pendulum back and forth between skinny-mime and giant-slack, or just buy a pair of Tellason Ankara fit, which sit dead center and never go out of style. Deep pockets, perfect rise, understated and overbuilt hardware, pair with anything, every stitch with character. Get yours. Oh, and worth every cent.

  • 5

    Posted by Cameron on 9th Oct 2023

    I just bought my second pair of jeans from Tellason in the Blubaugh cut, so I thought I’d leave a review for the Ankara after about two years of wearing a pair. First of all, they’ve held up perfectly. Playing in bands, working in the garage, riding motorcycles, and occasionally a chef shift, though I do generally keep my jeans out of the kitchen. No problems, no need for repairs whatsoever. They’ve faded beautifully to a rich blue with nice whitish fades and a great fit and comfort. I don’t abuse my pants as much as some guys, I do wash them every couple months and hang dry, so no intense high contrast fades. But also no blowouts. After about 10 years of raw denim these are the best pair I’ve owned, and my Ankaras have been the only pair of jeans I’ve worn for the past two years, generally 3 or 4 days a week. Customer service has also been exceptional when I needed a hem, or needed to send my most recent purchase back for a different size. As long as Tellason is around, I won’t be buying denim anywhere else.

  • 5

    Posted by Thomas P on 18th Sep 2023

    Tellason is simply the best. No frills, all quality. Ankara/Sheffield all the way!

  • 5
    Ankara - Straight Leg Selvedge Jeans - 14.75 oz.

    Posted by Marco on 31st Jul 2023

    Great product, I'll be buying another one soon. Quick question, do you use zippers?

  • 5
    Ankara 14.5

    Posted by Edward F on 30th Apr 2023

    The best PERIOD!

  • 5
    Tellason Ankara

    Posted by Tönnies on 21st Feb 2023

    ... ist und bleibt die Beste!

  • 4
    I like this.

    Posted by Tadashi Saito on 16th Jun 2022

    Finally i got this. Nice and Beautiful silhouette. I like it.