The Blubaugh- Mid Rise Slim Straight Selvedge Jeans- 16.5 oz.

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Todd Blubaugh has been a close friend of ours for 11 years.  He lives an extraordinary life and has a clear vision about the gear that helps him during his travels.  We let Todd create this new jean from top to bottom.  Our sanforized 16.5 oz.proprietary Kaihara denim is our toughest so it was an automatic choice for us to use for The Blubaugh jean.  It has a mid-rise slim straight fit. Cut and sewn in San Francisco, Calif. USA.  Check out Todd's book.  


A note from Tony & Pete

Occasionally, you meet the following types of people:

Candlestick Maker
Stunt Flyer

Our friend Todd Blubaugh checks a few of these boxes. The friendship began with Tony flying up to Seattle (year two for us) to do a promotion at Blackbird (RIP). They were one of the first five shops we sold to when we started. Tony ran a contest and was going to give a free pair for the person who brought in their most hammered pair of Tellason jeans. Todd arrived early and the contest was over. His pair was still one of the best old jeans we have seen. From there, our friendship grew.

Christmas 2014, Todd was passing through on his bike. We were neck deep in turkey etc... and an hour later, we hear the thump of his motor working its way up the hill. Once inside, Todd took over one of the four burners at the stove to melt down some bees wax to re-wax his jacket for the next day's wet ride north. Now, remember this is Christmas dinner here and burners are a hot commodity. My wife somehow reworked the timing of the whole dinner since that bees wax took about an hour to melt down. My youngest was fascinated with Todd's old world efforts and dinner came out just fine...

Back to jeans- we were ready for a new fit so we passed Todd the baton and gave him 100% freedom to create a jean based on exactly what his life on a bike is all about. The mid-rise keeps the draft down the bunz in check and the slightly slimmer straight leg is neither tight nor loose which allows for a little mobility without the leg panels flapping in the wind at +60 m.p.h. The leg opening derived from what Todd believes to be the perfect circumference around his Red Wing Engineer boot.

This is only available in our 16.5 oz orange line selvedge to keep things on the heavy side for Todd's rigorous life.

Tony Patella
Pete Searson


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    The Blubaugh- Mid Rise Slim Straight Selvedge Jeans- 16.5 oz.

    Posted by Christopher F on 29th Nov 2023

    Background: 50 year old male, H. 5' 11", W. 155lbs, slim build. Waist size: 31". I am the proud owner of 2 x Blubaugh Mid Rise Slim Selvedge jeans at 16.5oz and 1 x Blubaugh in black. These jeans are - for me - the end of the line where jeans are concerned. Unsurpassed quality denim. The waist size was true to size. Lovely slim fit down the thigh, that tapers out slightly toward the hem. Giving these jeans a very slight boot cut. Which means these jeans sit on the shoes and cover the boots adequately. Giving these jeans a timeless cut. These are the jeans I have been looking for for quite some time, and I hope to continue wearing prior to pushing up the daisies. Cuff em', roll em', hem them - whatever your style is - these jeans are IT. Bravo Tellason for raising a lofty bar!

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    The Blubaugh-16.5oz

    Posted by TAKA on 28th Nov 2023

    This is not my first time with heavy weights, but this is great comfort without washing. The silhouette is also a no-brainer! I can't wait to see how the fit and age will change! There are many different brands and fabrics of denim, each with their own good qualities, but this is one I recommend with confidence!

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    Posted by Ricky Oxendine on 28th Nov 2023

    Best jeans yet now have three pairs

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    Great cut for boots.

    Posted by Eric on 27th Nov 2023

    I think these are my favorite Tellason Jeans so far. Just a little more room down in the cuffs to fit over your boots. Bravo.

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    Blubaugh selvedge

    Posted by Matthew Ewald on 25th Nov 2023

    These pants are phenomenal. Once the break in period is over, I have a feeling these will be the best fitting pants I own.

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    Posted by Paul Harvey on 18th Nov 2023


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    Todd Blubaugh Jeans

    Posted by David on 31st Aug 2023

    I’ve spent countless years and more money than I care to admit searching for the perfect pair of jeans. If you’re like me, save yourself the time and the scratch and buy a pair of Tellason Todd Blubaugh denim. These jeans are it.

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    More than just jeans

    Posted by Ryan Johnson on 2nd Aug 2023

    The jeans on their own are amazing- the denim and craftsmanship, quality is second to none. But they’re more than just the jeans. The fit, the people and story behind them, the identity and customer support……worth more than double what I paid. I only wear tellason for those reasons. Break in perfectly, last, and fit in to my personal ethos. Thanks guys!

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    High quality denim

    Posted by AAQ on 23rd Jul 2023

    Everything I buy from Tellason is high quality and this pair is no exception. Fits true to size. Great job