Gustave - Slim Tapered + Selvedge Jeans - 14.75 oz.

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Slim tapered +. Compared to our Ladbroke Grove slim tapered fit, the Gustave has a slightly longer front rise and a slightly lower back rise, and the leg is slimmer from the thigh down. Made with our proprietary Kaihara Japanese red line raw selvage denim (sanforized). Button fly. Extra heavy pocket bags. Bottom of back pockets lined for durability. Leather patch by Tanner Goods, Portland, OR. Graduated inseams from 32.75" to 35". If you require a hem, please contact us directly after receiving your jeans. Made in San Francisco, Calif. USA.


A note from Tony & Pete

This fit came to us in 2012 from our friend, confidant, and master of everything counterculture, Mr. Brian Awitan. Brian was instrumental to Tellason back in the early days, laying out our story to influential people (real influencers before today's "influencers" started calling themselves "influencers").  It was all packed with organic feel good stuff since he had nothing to gain other than seeing his friends get an opportunity to start a denim business the right way.

I suppose our payback was to create a fit that Brian wanted to wear.  He sent us an old pair of jeans 4 sizes too large for him that had been heavily manipulated by his local tailor.  The idea was straight forward- take a medium rise, medium fitting leg and taper the hell out of it.  Hold it up and it has a bit of a carrot feel to it.  Put it on and you will get the true tapered leg you may be looking for, without it being too tight in the thigh.

Looking back, we should have called this the Awitan, but at the time, Brian was out there working for another denim company that may have had a problem with him working with a competitor.  So, Gustave it is.  A strong name which happens to be the middle name of the bass player of a little rock and roll band called, you guessed it, The Clash

Tony Patella
Pete Searson


Body Type:
Medium, Thin
Denim Weight:
Leg Opening:
Slim Tapered


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    the perfect fit!

    Posted by scott on 9th Nov 2019

    What a great pair of denim sold by a great company with amazing service! I bought the JGMs initially but found them to be too baggy on the legs. Swapped them out for a pair of these Gustaves, and they’re absolutely perfect. These are a proper slim taper without being skin-tight, which is exactly what I was looking for. Got these in the 14oz and while they’re stiff out of the package they’re actually comfortable after a week straight of wear. These seem built to last and I’m excited to put a few years of wear on these. I’m thinking of getting them in the black as well because they fit and feel so great. Note these were not Cone Mills for those that seem to care. Personally I like the Japanese denim feel better and I found prior Cone Mills pairs I had to be very slow faders., so to me I am glad they aren’t CM. Thanks guys for a great product, and you’ve got a long term repeat customer on your hands now!

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    The only pair of Cone Mills Raw Selvedge Denim you should own

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Sep 2018

    I had been researching quality American made denim for months and while there are a handful of companies that seem more appealing initially I chose Tellason because they are committed to a whole other level of customer service and quality craftsmanship. What I appreciate most is that the time that Pete (co-owner of tellason) took to answer questions I had about their denim. Pete not only answered my questions but explained their philosophy as a company and wanted to know about my interest in denim. The denim: These jeans are incredibly well made. The fabric has a very distinct look with a natural white fibers coming through. The legal tab inside the back pocket is yet another feature that shows their attention to detail and unique story behind their denim. The weight of the denim, the stitching, the material itself, the button holes, the pocket liners, all one of kind. From the first time I picked them up, They felt significantly better than any pair of jeans I have worn. FINAL THOUGHTS: These jeans are built to last and I will not have to worry about what abuse I will throw at them at work or at home. I trust that they’ll keep feeling and looking better as time and wear make them my jeans.

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    great quality denim, great fit, search is over

    Posted by sam on 6th Oct 2016

    The Gustave's in 14.75oz are hands down the best fitting denim I've ever owned. I thought they might fit baggier than I would have like based on the picture, but they turned out to be on point. I'm 6'0", ~ 175lb. and have athletic thighs and usually end up either having my pants fit too baggy in the waist or too tight everywhere else. I also own RGT SK 12.5's in 32, which are solid, but the Gustave's definitely fit better and have more of a taper without becoming "skinny jeans". These are also the ideal length and avoid having to over-cuff the bottoms, but can still show off that sweet, sweet, selvedge. I got them in 33.

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    Only pair of jeans you will need.

    Posted by Andrew on 3rd Mar 2015

    Shipping accross the country took two days. Denim is high quality and a great color for new jeans. Looking forward to putting some wear on them.

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    Great denim from a great company!

    Posted by W Brian Norris on 14th Aug 2014

    Fit perfect, great denim, fast shipping! Overall great experience.