Tellason x Proximity Mfg. Co. Straight Leg

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We're honored to be a part of the inagural run of selvedge fabric made on the old White Oak Draper looms in Greensboro, North Carolina by Proximity Manufacturing Company.  Many former Cone Mills White Oak employees are involved in this project (and for good reason, the looms are not easy to operate and experience counts!).  This high-rise version of our Ankara straight has hidden back pocket rivets and a special Tellason x Proximity Mfg. Co. patch.

The denim is loom state (not sanforized and shrink-to-fit).  More details on the fabric, the milling process and Proximity Mfg. Co. and the White Oak Legacy Foundation can be found here in a Tellason Journal post by Evan Morrison, Director of Operations at Proximity Mfg. Co.  Given the loom state nature of the fabric, please see the measurement chart and shrinkage information here (as an example, if you normally wear size 32, order a 32, which will come in at 34 to accommodate shrinkage).  This initial run is limited to 116 hand numbered pairs to signify White Oak's opening year of 1905 and the year this project was started.  Made in San Francisco, California, The Home of Blue Jeans.